Monday, June 20, 2011


Just going to be a "what I did today blog"
I went to volunteer at my mom's office today with Chanel, cause we really need to get those 200 hours of com. service on our college application. Plus, our counselor loves overachievers :3
Afterwards, my mom took us to

CAFE HUE~ That place has the BEST crepes!
Nutella-Strawberry Crepes, with Strawberry gelato! Around 7 bucks and probably a ton of calories but so, so worth it !

Afterwards, I stayed at my grandparents house with the little cousins :3
The youngest one was acting cute for the camera, heheh.
And NOTD!~ Floral prints are everywhere these days! But I still like it :3
Tutorial for these nails here, click!

Short Update, but thanks for reading!

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