Sunday, June 26, 2011


So yesterday Chanel and her parents spent the whole day in LA!
We started off the day by going to the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I didn't take pictures of all the stars..cause that'd take all day!

Look! It's Walt Disney! :3 He was one of the first ones that I actually knew who it was x)
But after walking a bit further...I noticed he had 2 stars? One on the walk toward the Chinese Theater then one a block after the theater!

After we walked a bit, we noticed there was a mall! It was super-fancy looking and nice! Chanel and I spotted a XXI Forever and were so tempted to go in...but no...we had more things to see and other places to go...T_T

The Chinese Theater! So crowded! And there were people in costume taking pictures too!

People had layed roses and candles on Michael Jackson's star. It was the 2nd anniversary of his death yesterday.

We left Hollywood and went to go find somewhere to eat,
Chanel's dad decided on Pho 2000. However, we didn't know it was a Korean run pho shop x)
We were greeted with an "ANNYEONGHASEYO!" and none of us knew what to reply, except for a meek "annyeong?"
They quickly realized we weren't Korean and started speaking English to us x)
The food was good, but a little bland. But still pretty good! :3

We finished eating and then went to the Koreatown Plaza! There was a nice music shop there with K-pop, J-music, and also American music as well!
The clothes there were so pricey ;___; But down stairs, there was a bakery with all types of yummy pastries and breads!
The box was really cute too!

We got a Mochi bread, custard bread, and a fruit pastry. We also had horn bread filled with chocolate cream...but we ate that before we could take pictures ^^'
Then Chanel suggested we drive to the Adidas store, and JOYRICH! ...Both were super expensive so neither one of us bought anything!

Can you guess whose tattoo shop it is?
KAT VON D! ....The car got in the way of the shot though OTL
Lastly we got to go to AMEOBA MUSIC! It was so huge! DJ Lance Rock was doing a set. Oh, how he's changed since his YOGABBAGABBA days xD
Chanel's mom bought me a Totoro DVD
Then we just drove back, all the way to San Diego~

Oh I got my lenses!
Review coming soon!


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