Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mini Japanese Markets Haul!

Chanel and I had a family thing today, but we came kind of early so her dad took us to Mitsuwa Market Place and Daiso Marukai Value..? I don't remember the new name.

I picked up a few things while I was there!

First Mitsuwa!
Some yummy macarons
Just kidding, they're actually macaron shaped erasers! Cute, huh? :3 There were 2 or 3 more "flavours" but I didn't want to wast all my money on them !
Super realistic! My family thought they were actual macarons ! ^^;
My favorite chips! Sweetish-sour and salty! Pretty good, but not for those who don't like ume/salt+vinegar type things x)

After that, we went to ...DAISO. I still call it Daiso x)

Makeup sponges! Ten for $1.89 USD. Not bad! But I'm not using them for BB cream or anything, I'm using them for gradation designs!
Face roller! Helloooo V-LINE! ~
Lastly I got some silver bead things, they're for nail deco also! There was this really cute set of heart and star and plain loose glitter for nails, but I didn't want to spend like 10 dollars on a couple of things!

Circle lens review coming soon! Promise~


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