Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I should probably come up with more creative titles for day to day posts! Anyways,
Today my mom was home, and she planned to take my little cousins to Chuck E Cheese's (and Chanel and I had to tag along of course)
Chanel came over in the morning, and suggested we attempt some sort of a gyaru-style makeup!

ATTEMPT, It's not the best ^^; If my lovely readers could give me suggestions, that'd be great!
Probably a more smokey eye and some proper bottom lashes, right? Haha the bottom lashes I used today were cut off pieces of other falsies
My outfit for today, featuring the elephant shirt from this post. I never do OOTD's , should I start?

Anyways, Chanel and I got all dressed up and ready to head out. When we went to pick up my little cousins, we got a call that my grandfather's car had broken down! D:
We had to go pick him up, but we also had to wait for about 45-60 minutes for a tow truck to come get his car.

So, the plans for Chuck E Cheeses were delayed but we did end up going, to make the little ones happy :3

We went back to my house and ate lunch! Chanel and I had instant Korean noodles called BiBimMen. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's really yummy, especially with kimchi!

We dropped off Chanel and the kids and then I had a doctor's appointment. I'd been having trouble breathing for the past few nights when I tried to fall asleep. I got scared, because I didn't want to suffocate to death in my sleep o.o
The doctor couldn't find anything abnormal, so he ordered I have a chest x-ray. My mom and I spent a good half hour driving around trying to find this place -__-; The x-ray itself only took about 15 minutes

After we finished with everything, my mom got me boba! Milk tea, and this particular place has Strawberry flavoured boba pearls!
When I got home, I saw my case had arrived! I was so happy because I already had dropped my phone today ;__; So sad. I was really happy with this eBay seller though! It came about 1 week before expected! Yay for fast shipping :)

On the box that the case came in, it had a site called Cocoroni. This site has tons and tons of cute cases so anyone that owns a Galaxy, Galaxy tab, iPhone 3GS and 4G, iPod Touch 4G, and iPads and wants a super cute case under 20 dollars (most are, I'm not sure about shipping though D:) should go to this site!
My piggy charm! It got dirty after I dropped my phone today though D:
My home screen! The wallpaper is Little Twin Stars, and the penguin in the middle is named Pesoguin! Anyone that has an android can get this widget, it's really adorable ^^

That's it for today! Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to all the new followers! I went from 20 to 30 in about a week! Thanks so much ^^


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