Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today, Chanel's parents took Chanel, Emily, and I on a trip to Irvine!
We went to South Coast Plaza, and WOW that place is so fancy *__*
They had LV, Coach, Versace, and other luxury stores and the decor of the place was so pretty too! We spent a long time just walking around this huge mall! (It's two malls connected by a bridge!)

On the larger end of the mall, there was a balloon stand.

I usually don't like balloons, but the colors were so pretty!

We went to a shop called the Puzzle Zoo, and there was tons of plushes! There was Sanrio, Ugly Dolls, Angry Birds, and MAMESHIBAS!
Chanel, Emily and I ended up getting one! Chanel got a Tiger Bean, Emily got Black Bean, and mine is Green Pea!

We left the luxurious South Coast plaza and went to the Asian Garden Mall afterwards to shop for phone charms and other various goodies. Then we went to lunch at Pho 54
There's a bakery in the same (crowded) strip mall as Pho 54 called Van's Bakery! The cakes there are soooo pretty and really yummy too!

After that, we just headed to Chanel's house and we went on a walk to our school then back, some light exercise ^^;
Now onto the stuff I bought!
I originally saw this pallette on Phi's video, and I thought it was so cute! When I found it at Claire's today, I just had to have it! The box is Jill Stuart-esque and very princessy! It's gorgeous!
Some swatches! I was kind of dissappointed on how the middle two colors look so similar in real life though ;_;. The textures of the eyeshadows are super soft and smooth though, so no complaints there!
A Macaron mirror I got at the Asian Garden Mall! Chanel bought 2 of them, a purple and an orange. She said she's going to give either one or both of them out in her giveaway she's planning. Look out for it!
The inside is a mirror! The macaron part of it is soft and it feels like...foam? I don't know but it's squishy :3
And lastly, I promised my friend Jenny that I would buy her a dolly red color polish! The bottle itself is really pretty and has cute little details on the applicator? Handle? I don't know what to call it! ^^; Anyways, the color is a a vibrant red and I really wish I bought one for myself, the color is really pretty!

Thank you to all the new followers! I've gotten so many so quickly! I honestly appreciate it!


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