Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24/2011 (OOTD)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Chanel, Emily, their dad, and I went out to the movies today! Emily and her dad went to go watch Zookeeper, and Chanel and I saw CAPTAIN AMERICA.
It was really interesting! The theater was packed! Plus, because we saw it early in the morning, it was only 6 dollars a ticket!
This was what I wore out today! Dress from Forever21, Bag from ...Ross (bahhaha) Aaaand the mameshiba I got on Saturday!
This is what the tag says...haha how strange

After the movie we went to a Tilly's in the same strip mall that the theatre was in. Chanel got a really pretty ring too and Emily got a shirt
After Chanel dropped me off at home, my mom took me to Mitsuwa, Marukai, and (formerly known as) Daiso! ...And Ross. I got this sweater (Jenny! Help me coordinate?) for about 12 dollars!
4-tier skirt...6 bucks! Couldn't resist a bargain!

Sorry for the late post, it didn't publish last night!
I'll have another post probably later today...or not...depends :P


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