Saturday, July 9, 2011


I apologize in advance, this is going to be a long, probably uninteresting post to many of you! It's just going to be a life/daily post. It's not going to contain many pictures ^^; Again I apologize.

Today, I had to have the water heater replaced by a friend of Chanel's dad. So naturally, Chanel's dad and the rest of Chanel's family came along, because both of our families are really close (Chanel's mom and my mom are sisters)
I didn't want to hang around the house while this was happening so Chanel's mom took Chanel, Emily and me to the library. Chanel and I were hoping to grab some books to finally start on our AP Bio summer assignments (lazy bums ^^;)

ALL OF THEM WERE CHECKED OUT ;_____;. Every copy in the city! How is this possible!We'll have to check back next week or just shell out money and buy it in a book store.
We went back to my house afterwards and watched tv for a few minutes, and we left again! Chanel's parents had to renew their phone contracts and I came along...because really, I had nothing else to do!

We went to the first place, which will remained unnamed, and it seemed...Chanel called it, "shady". It was large-ish and dimly lit. It is both a travel agency and a phone dealer. The phone selections were sparse, and there was only one display. The worker was unattentive and she didn't seem to know what she was saying! At first she claimed the Galaxy 4G we wanted was $220 USD. Then after talking a for a few minutes, she said it was $300! What! She said if we wanted it cheaper, we shouldn't go here! ...Is she really knocking her own business?

We left and found another place. The place immediately seemed more respectable and bright! We were welcomed by the owner's wife and were helped out by the owner himself! He said the phone would be $220 and he would get discounts for Chanel's parents! His wife was helping some other customers but all in all they were really kind! He even drew out a map of all the costs and savings that would apply! They ended up getting the contract there instead! My parents will be coming here tomorrow to renew our own contract!
Emily got the
D-Lite! It's really really cute and great as a first phone! All the lights and cutesy functions as well as the games will keep the 8 year old distracted for a while. ^^;

Chanel and I will be getting
-drumroll- (or not, you might have read Chanel's blog already)

Samsung Galaxy S 4G! She already has a super cute case purchased off of eBay and I have one in mind! This one! It has a 3D rose corsage and lacey pattern The phones won't come in till Monday but we can wait!

Now I'm winding down with a glass of Homemade Tazo Orange Iced Tea! Yum! I have a recipe here if you want to recreate it!
Alright, I guess that's it! If you have read to this point, thank you for bearing with me! I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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