Saturday, July 16, 2011

La Rosa Crackle Review~

So crackle polishes have been getting so much attention lately right? OPI, China Glaze, even drugstore brand Sally Hansen is releasing their own!

So I wanted to see what the hype was about! My mom drove me to her friend's beauty supply store in hopes of finally trying out the crackle. I thought I'd pick up the China Glaze ones that they had on display last time I visited. Sadly, they ran out, but the owner kindly pointed out the new display they had. It was called La Rosa Crackle and they had TONS of colours! Even more than the new OPI collection! I was so excited, but I only picked up the white one, for $3.75 USD!

The bottle! The color is in No. 10 Snow White! Used over 2 coats of Color Club Way To Dazzle.

On a fake nail, I did a thin coat, which resulted in wispy, thin shatter pieces!
On another fake nail, I did a fairly thick coat. It took FOREVER to shatter, but it left nice, large chunks of polish.
I did a gradient, then white shatter over! Inspired by youtuber Hwannie! Her videos are absolutely amazing!

I wanted to try out this polish, but I didn't now if it'd look good! I'm still on the fence about it, sometimes I look at it, and I love it, sometimes I'm tempted to take some acetone and just get rid of it! I guess it depends on my mood! I'd love to try the black one though, that one seems so versatile

The formula was kinda thick and difficult to apply. It even gooped up so much that I couldn't even use it! I had to drip some polish remover into the bottle to thin it out a bit.

The main concern for me is, how is this polish going to incorporate in to gyaru nail art? I was thinking maybe like....leopard print with black crackle tips? Floral with some white crackle on part of it ? I don't know! I guess I'll just have to experiment!

All in all, I'm in a love-hate relationship with crackle.

Oh, you should check out my friend Jenny's blog! She has the prettiest clothes (and should take me shopping sometime) and amazing art skills! I can't wait to see her future blog posts!

That's it, I guess!

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