Thursday, July 7, 2011

Melliesh Lip Gloss Review in Strawberry Milk~

No nail post this time! I bet you guys are relieved!
I'm back with another review! This time of Melliesh Strawberry Milk Gloss!

If you guys want the full colour chart, check out eki's blog!

Cute Melliesh packaging! The details are so cute and the logo itself is gorgeous! I had to hold onto the bottle while taking this picture because it kept rolling away D:
The top of the cap! It has a cute star on it! Yui has great eye for details ~
Open bottle! The applicator is a unique super fuzzy doe foot applicator! It's super fuzzy, even more so than Etude's Cherry Tint.
Size in comparison to my hand! I was kinda disappointed about how tiny this tube was! ;__;
Swatches on my lips!
No flash, it's a baby pink. But it seems like with flash, it's alot more lavender/blue toned!

Product info: According to Eki's blog, it is a 2 in 1 lip product. It doubles as a concealer and a lip gloss so it's opaque and covers your natural lip colour without extra products!

I saw this gloss online and I automatically thought, "I gotta have it!" All the colours were super light, and I didn't want any color that could give me that sickly pale look, or could wash me out. Strawberry milk was the darkest of the colors so I chose this!
When I got this gloss, I was kind of disappointed with the size, I thought it was too small for the price! But I unscrewed the beautifully decorated cap and smoothed it on my lips!

First Impressions
I thought it was kinda sticky at first! But I realized it was just thicker of a gloss than I was used to, so it was okay! The colour was gorgeous! A blue tone pink, creamy and opaque, with no shimmer. But I feel it's kinda light for me, or it kinda washes me out a little, but its alright because with BB cream, it works out.

Packaging: 5/5 Love Love Love! It's adorable! Good Job Yui!
Texture:4.5/5 It's smooth and glides nicely! But not good for those who like thinner, lighter lippies.
Colour: 4/5 I wish it was a more warm pink like the promo picture. However, the colour is not bad, it still works with the right skin tones.
Applicator: 5/5 Love the fuzzy doe foot applicator!

Total: 4.5/5! All in all, a good gloss with a few minor flaws, but that's alright!

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