Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Haul !

So I went on a family trip to Little Saigon, home of the Asian Garden Mall!
That mall is filled with tons of jewelry stores, gift shops (one on each corner of the second floor) and beauty shops! So here's what I picked up today!

There used to be a kids' video store, but it closed and was replaced by a store called "Queen's Secret" I believe. It has skincare and makeup and of course tons and tons of lashes!
Korean lashes and Vietnamese lashes only though, they don't stock Japanese brands D:
Anyways, these are "Model 21" lashes in number 22 from Vietnam. I might do a review and post it to C'est La Vie soon! Anyways, USD $6 for a box of ten pairs, not bad hm?
Wearing the lashes, coupled with Mimi Cafe Macchiatto Lenses! Super dramatic and dolly~
Phone charms! The piggy is mine, and I bought the Totoro for my friend.
Glittery polishes! Super tiny and cute, and at USD $1 per bottle, I couldn't resist!
Silver Heart on the left and Pink Heart on the right. (Yes, those are the actual names of the colors haha) I think these will be great for gradients!
Cute plastic box! Can you guess what's inside?
If you guessed paper stars, you'd be correct!
Haha I finished all of the paper included. There wasn't much to do on a two hour car ride!

That's all for my 2nd haul post!
Thanks again for all the comments and follows! I really appreciate it ^^

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