Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me~ (Pic Heavy!)

Actually it was yesterday, but I couldn't post anything because I had friends over!
We went out for pho and yogurt and went back to my house to hang out one time before school starts again ;__;

Anyways, here's a haul, a general haul first!

White bow purse from Yesstyle! I saw it on everyday_gyaru and I knew I had to have it, I love bows and I'm a sucker for quilted purses
Coach shoes, my first Coach Purchase ever! Hahah...outlet store though! The outlet was really big! ( And the cashier at the Adidas store was kinda cute ^^;)
Leopard cardigan from H&M! It's kind of short though, I don't mind too much.
I've been wanting this for a while too, maybe about 1-2 ish months? I finally got it using a birthday gift card
I found this at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas. $10 USD! Good deal and they have about 3 other colors
Also got it at Fashion Show, at the 2 story Forever 21 *___* This polish is super glittery and really pretty! The one complaint is that it doesn't dry glossy -___-
Sephora's birthday gift! It smells so yummy! It's a really tolerable Vanilla smell (I don't really go for vanillas, I like fruity scents!)
School supplies at the Zion (Korean Market). I love having cute pens and pencils, I don't know, they help me focus ? Maybe bright colors keep me awake, I don't know ^^;
Fox tail for my bag!
Face masks from Zion! I kept the strawberry, and gave the pomegranate to Chanel! The other strawberry, I will be contributing to her upcoming giveaway!

Now birthday gifts from friends !

Everything layed out
Cards! The first one on the left is hand painted, and the last one is a money bag actually! Haha

Cute pastel polishes! I really wanted a baby blue and my friend bought them for me!
My other friend (Sarah) went to Korea over the summer, and I gave her some money to buy my some cosmetics. Oh my gosh she got me way too much ;__; So guilty.
L to R: Acne spot treatment from Baviphat, Makeup remover, Face mist, Mascara Remover all from Etude house
All the samples that came with it! Moisturizers, BB creams, and a Makeup priming pad
Henna Fix mascara (HG *__*) and Tony Moly Gel liner, which is supposed to be as good as MAC's!
Soda Tint, I specifically asked her to find me this :3 But the Missha lipgloss on the right was a total suprise *__*
Cute Hello Kitty Socks she threw in too!
Another friend bought me a cute polka dot shirt from H&M
And another bought me the new Paris Amour from Bath and Body Works~ I actually really like this smell, it's not my typical strawberry-fruits scents. It's like vanilla, musk, and a hint of ...fruit? I don't know, but I do like it!

Ahh I'm so grateful for my friends and family ;__; They're all too kind

I'll do a review on these products soon! After I try them out of course haha,
Tomorrow is school picture ID day, wish me luck so that both Chanel and I don't get derpy pictures! Haha


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