Thursday, August 4, 2011


I got a package in the mail today
(hehe I LOVE getting things in the mail for some reason)
They were the phone charms I ordered!

Came nicely packaged, but kinda smushed ;_; Oh well, still cute! I got 3 for 10, but they used to have 4 for ten (light pink, hot pink , white, and blue). I feel kind of ripped off, but I had to get it since it was their last lot for now! I bought one for myself, and the other two are for Chanel and Emily
Close up! They come with a detachable bow charm!
The heart itself is so soft, and the ribbon is really sparkly! So cute

Quick NOTD! So uninspired ;_;

Polka dot french tips and stars and rhinestone details
Close up for better look at the design

Thanks for reading as always, I'm currently at 49 readers! I never knew I'd get more than about 10 ! Thank you so much


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