Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Leopard Nail Tutorial ★

As requested by a lovely reader, Huynh, I'm going to show a tutorial of my most recent NOTD!
Materials: 2 pinks, one lighter one darker, black polish, (optional) Glittery polish, decorations, Top coat
Paint your nails with the lighter pink, leaving the half moon unpainted.
Make random pink splotches with the darker pink
Outline the dark pink with the black. You can do C shapes or Bracket shapes, or vary and use both!
Add more black spots randomly to the design!
Optional: Add a glittery top coat!
Decorate the smile line! You can use star glitters like me, use hexagonal glitters, gems, beads, even a simple line of glitter polish will be totally fine! Finish off with a top coat and voila~

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the tutorial!

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