Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sephora Glam Lash Review + Updates~

Today I'll be reviewing Sephora's In-house brand of lashes, in Glam!
So Chanel and I were at the mall, inside a JCPenney's and we saw the Sephora staff had put out some round, tiered stands. We went over to check it out and found TONS of stuff onsale! Colorful liners, foundations, shadows, all super super cheap!

Guess how much I got these lashes for!
2 Dollars! I also picked up a rosy pink highlighter pen and the total with tax came up to be a little under 5 dollars USD! Unbelievable!


The lashes in the box look like this
( Rakuten Picture)

Sorry for the creepy looking picture of me...I look so tired ;__;
Anyways, I really like these lashes! Even though they look a bit thick and full, it actually looks very dolly and cute! I put them 1 cm away from my inner corner because
A) They poke my inner corner and it's annoying OTL
B) It gives a better droopy look!

With my eyes closed you can see how thick these are! But open, you can only see the flared ends, and it gives lots of volume!
The one downside is the glue it came with... Mine was a fluke, Chanel's turned out fine! But really, look at it! It's not the bottle, that's the glue! It dried up and I yanked it out of the tube
-__- It was like rubbery, and reminiscent of that homemade borax silly putty I made as a little kid...

Anyways Overall:

Design: 8/10 Cute and dolly, but I don't know if I can pull it off at school!
Volume: 9/10 Super thick, and very nice!
Length: 6/10 More designed for volume, really
Comfort: 8/10 I can see it when I look down! It's kind of heavy too!

Total: Calculator says 7.75/10 But honestly, I really like them so I'll give them a 8.5/10 hehe

Review over!
If you aren't interested in my life updates, then feel free to close this!

So my cousin has been over from France for about 1 1/2 weeks now? My family (extended) has been spoiling him to no end! New camera, new iPod, probably a new G-Shock ... /Jealous!
But it's okay, he's really nice, and a good kid so I think he deserves it!

We're going to Las Vegas soon! Thursday, actually! I got data on my phone so I can update on the trip, maybe!

Then after that, it's my birthday! (8/15 heheh)

I went to AGM (Asian Garden Mall) last weekend and I picked up some cute keyboard stickers! My keys were chipped and scratched (and stained with nail polish *cough* my bad...) So I got some stickers to cover them up! $2.99 USD! You can also find them on ebay by searching cute keyboard stickers, but be warned that some of them have Korean Hangul on it, and I found it unnecessary so I got one without it!

That's it! I probably won't post until, or after the trip!
Thank you for reading and following as always! I reached 50! I'm still debating on having a giveaway now, or until I reach 100 (IF I reach 100) to buy myself time!

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