Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bath...For Your Blood Type?!

Another bath review because I have a bit of down time before I do homework. Yay Unit Circles! Haha just kidding

Anyways, in Japan apparently there are lots of things that can be determined based on your blood type! Things such as personality and diet are affected by one's blood type supposedly. Now there are blood type bath salts!
There are four scents,
A- Blue Peppermint
B-Yellow Grapefruit
O-Selenium Pink (?!)
AB- Chamomile Green

Am I type A? I don't know...I think I'm actually type B or O because my parents are B and O...
BUT I wanted the type A because I was interested in a Peppermint bath salt! Hot weather+Menthol bath= Love! Or so I hoped! Though I am curious as to what Selenium pink is...isn't that an element?

The packaging is simple and has a clear little "window" I suppose you would call it, to reveal the look of the actual salt

The actual bath salt includes a powder and large grains of...crystals... I'm not sure I suppose it could be sea salt?
The color is actually more rich than that! It's super pretty in person.

Review time!
My first impression when I opened the bag I was attacked by an overwhemingly strong scent of peppermint! When I dumped it into the water, however, the smell was more pleasant and light. The bath itself wasn't anything too special, unfortunately. I thought I'd experience a cool rush of menthol-y goodness. I suppose there was a cooling effect but it wasn't noticable, inside the bath or afterwards. There wasn't any change in moisture either ;_;

I'll skip the break down and give this a 3.5/5!
I really hoped this would be a great minty bath, but I guess the idea was more of a novelty. I don't know if I will repurchase, but if I do, I'll go for a B or O instead!


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