Monday, September 5, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Review!


I finally finished my AP Bio review so I had some time to make a new post!

Today's review will be of Dolly Wink's Eyeshadow in no. 1 Sweet Dolly Brown. Chanel bought me this palette for my birthday and I saw super excited! It was my first DollyWink product (I'm too cheap to buy the lashes haha)

Packaging~ Actually the actual pallette was in a small clear box, but I threw that away I think
Inside contains instructions on how to use the palette to achieve a dolly look!
Tsubasa looks super gorgeous in these shots!
The actual packaging! It's adorable, with the detailing in the plastic. It reminds me a bit of Anna Sui
Opened, the colors are like a golden-y brown, cream, chocolate shimmery brown, and a dark brown-black color. I've been using the sponge tip applicator :D I don't know, people don't usually like applicators that come with shadows, but I like it!
One swipe of the shadows, super pigmented

I tried to recreate the look in the picture ^^; Not as good.
It's not really an EOTD cause it's incomplete, I need to add mascara and a bit of liner too !

Ok, ratings!

Packaging: 5/5 Super super adorable, but what else could you expect from Tsubasa!
Pigmentation: 5/5 Rich and super pigmented
Texture: 5/5 Silky smooth, and easy to apply
Price: 2/5 Expensive! This was actually a gift, but I've seen it retail for 25 dollars USD D:

OVERALL: 5/5 I'm not going to knock off points for price, since it was a gift.


I picked up some lashes at Walmart the other day, cause all my natural lashes broke, but I guess that's what you get for paying 5 bucks for 20 pairs in Vietnam xD.
The one on the right is the natural one, but I also picked up the one on the left because it was super pretty and reminded me of gyaru lashes! Review on these coming up!

Pinstripe Shirt : Forever21
Varsity Cardigan in Black : Forever21
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 ( Cheap, I think they were 10 or 14 dollars!)

Alright, I hope I can post more often, but I will update from time to time!


Edit: Everyone should check out Okashi's giveaway! She's a San Diego blogger like me!

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