Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming+Makeup Experimentation+Nails/ General Updates

Long time no post! I'm super sorry! AP Euro history has taken over my life...
Also I apologize because this post will not have much flow/ make logical or chronological sense and the weird long title.. OTL

Anyways! I have some pictures from Homecoming 2011

Obligatory hand on hip shot!
M+Chanel's little Sister+Me (and M's sister photobombing in the back)
Foooooood. Las Vegas roll on the left and Rising Sun on the right. IT WAS SO GOOD. I can't even..yummmm I want some now! And it was half off !

Pyramid cake, which was chocolate and caramel mousse with cocoa powder and topped with a bit of gold leaf! Fancy :D

There was a bit of mishap and drama at the restaurant , but nothing involving my group directly, but something happened and my friends' reservation was messed up and then a waitress was rude to them...

Anyways, I didn't take any pictures inside the dance because...that'
You know what I'm talking about.


I saw this picture of Tsubasa and I wanted to try it for myself! Haha Fail though....

Also, I ordered some more lenses on pinkyparadise! I got the Max Pure Brown! I can't wait for them to arrive :D

Finally, some nails I've worn in the past month or so? I did very little nail art because I really had no time ;____;
Blue gradient tips for homecoming
Pink watermarble! I taped off part of the nail because I was inspired by Jen!

Haha sorry for the probably incoherent post! I'll try to do a review of something soon and I'll post when I get my lenses!


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