Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random Purchases+ NOTD 9/10/11

The power's been back, and I feel like the whole thing was a learning experience. The lesson? 1) Everyone is so dependent on electricity, and when it goes out we all complain, it could have been a lot worse. 2)My family is totally unprepared in times of disaster D: We need to make an emergency kit soon! I hope everyone that was affected by the outage stayed safe and took advantage of the situation and had fun watching stars and spending time with family! And I hope all the students had a nice day off, hehehe no APEH test! >:D
I went to Marukai today and picked up a few things!

Bath salts! I'm excited to try the Bloodtype bath salts! Am I an A type? I don't know, I'm most likely a B or O but I wanted to try a minty cool type bath! The Kokubo bath salt again, I really liked it. Nice and hot! I'll review it the second time I use it :D Lastly, DIAMOND LASH! Not for me, but for Chanel whose birthday is the end of this month!

Gummy Choco Strawberry x3 + Meiji Apollo! My friend had me pick up a bunch for him, the shop lady must have thought I was crazy ^^;
Lastly, Colorful nails with a heart! It's going to be gone by tonight or tomorrow night because I'm going to do the Minnie Mouse nails again for Disney Day!

Alright, till next time?

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