Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updates and Crackle Review ~

I haven't posted in a while, since school started D:
I'm sorry ;_;

School has been killing me lately, what with 3 APS occupying all my time. Errrrgghhh, so much work !

Anyways, homecoming dance is coming up soon! I already picked out a dress!

The theme is Across the Seven Seas! Last year's was The Galaxy is Ours, and the decorations were sooo amazing, they even had stars on the ceiling (lights shined up to the ceiling and made stars). I can't wait to see what it's going to be like this year!

Homecoming week is also coming up shortly, and the first spirit day is "Disney day"! You dress up like your favourite Disney Character! That's a really cute idea, I commend whoever came up with it!

Alright, quick quick review!

I got a new crackle polish today, it's called CRACK Nail Lacquer by Nabi (no.1 Black)

If you guys remember, I had a post on the La Rosa crackle in white, and I have to say I prefer this over the La Rosa! The other one was a bit too thick for my liking, and it applied thickly. This one is smooth, and perfect and the effects were instantaneous!

NOTD with the crackle! The nude color underneath is Sunset Sail by China Glaze !

Ah...this was kinda boring huh...sorry D:
I'll try to do more reviews and other things soon, when I get a break from APs...


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