Friday, October 7, 2011

G&G Max Pure Brown Review!

I finally got the chance to post a review! After I put up the recieved post, I was swamped with homework and other various things...I apologize.

Better late than never I guess?

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by PinkyParadise for this post and everything was bought with my own money.
Picture from the last post
The one on the left is right side up and the right is flipped inside out. The one complaint I have about this lens is that the inner side and outer side look too similar so I can't tell if it's right or not!
Derpy one in on out shot. I look so sleepy D: But you can tell it makes a difference in size!
Both in and I definitely look more awake! Nice enlargement as well

So ...15 mm lenses just look too big for me, it's too alienish. Chanel suggested 14.5 since her King Size Brown in 14.5 worked out well for her. I chose this one because I wanted a natural lens I could wear to school!

It's big, just big enough for me without going buggy eyed! I really like it in comparison to my Geo Mimi Cafe lens. It's quite natural in terms of enlargement.

Comfort: 5/5
SO SO SO COMFORTABLE. I actually had to knock 1.5 points off of the Macchiatto lens after a few uses because in comparison to this, it makes my eyes so tired. These I can wear for a full day at school (8hrs).

Color and Design: 5/5
It's not really a pattern that will make your eyes pop, but I love it because it's natural and wearable for everyday! I love that it doesn't have that harsh black limbal ring too. The color of the lens is nice too, and makes my eyes look lighter in some lights

My new favourite! I adore these lenses :D

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