Sunday, October 23, 2011

NOTM 10/2011

Wow I haven't done many nail posts... that's shocking

But since I got some new polishes I thought I'd throw in the two most recent manicures I did!

I think I'll start chronologically!

Mani inspired by Hwannie, or ...I think it's amiinails(?) now... she changed channels, but I saw this on her facebook fanpage!
Polishes I got today!
Pelican Gray-Gotten by recommendation by a friend! Current mani! Despite not being a typical nude, pink, coral, red, I still think it looks quite feminine, especially paired with the glitter top coat! LOVE the combinaton :D
Lemon Fizz- Not exactly "Autumn" but I was twitching cause I didn't have a yellow to complete a pastel rainbow
IX- Chocolate brown for the chocolate drippy sweets nails and also cheetah print :D
These two, I got together in a set (Serena Williams Glam Slam Wimbeldon)
Your Royal Shin-ness: Glittery silver color. I'd imagine this is what liquid silver would look like! But don't quote me on it..
Servin' Up Sparkle: Combination of small and hexagonal glitters. So so so so pretty
May I say these two are GORGEOUS. Especially the top coat. And the base. Both are amazing! And OPI has cool names for their polishes, just saying
The glitter top coat over Pelican pretty *_* and the colorful sparkles make it fun to look at!

Total of all of these polishes? $16 USD! I think it's pretty cheap for OPI and CG!

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's finals week starting on Tuesday so I have to study!
Good news is that I've been doing better in APEC :D

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