Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recieved New Lenses: Max Pure Brown!

So excited cause after 2 weeks, I finally got my lenses!
But there was a weird holdup from USPS. So here's the story (skip to the first picture if you don't wanna read this xD)
So on Saturday, I had to go to my little cousin's birthday and the mailman couldn't deliver it, but I went to the post office that same day to try and pick it up. Of course I couldn't, because the carrier wasn't back yet, and I didn't notice that it said it'd be available for pickup on Monday. That was my fault.

So Monday comes, and when I arrive at the post office, the place is basically overflowing with people! Luckily, since I was just picking up, I could just go to the window and pick up. So I give her the little slip, and the lady goes in the back to look for it. She comes back, and it's not there! I found that weird, and I disregarded it as maybe the carrier didn't leave it at the office on his round.

So today, I come back, and there's still a line, shorter but still a bit of a wait. Anyways, I make it to the front, and the lady asks for an ID. I didn't bring mine, since the lady yesterday just said come, and you can pick it up since I know you. It was a different lady this time, and she demanded that I have MY ID though my dad had his and we live at the same address. It'd be more logical to give it to a legal adult rather than a minor right? She just totally insisted that I had mine! She said that she would detain it til then! By some miracle, my dad had an old student ID of mine that he carried when we went to Vietnam, and she gave it to us, with much hesitation. -____________-;
But I did get them, so I shouldn't be too annoyed!

Everything right out of the package! The nicely bubble wrapped vials, black Dariya fringe holders, and a yellow hippo case! These are the G&G Max Pure Brown! I was suprised to find out it was G&G because I thought it was by EOS! Oh well...
Most of you guys have read my Mimi Macchiatto lens review, so this setup should be quite familiar! I tried to recreate it xD

I'll soak them tonight, and then wear them tomorrow, and hopefully by tomorrow night I can put a review up if homework isn't too big of a hinderance!
I picked up some bath salts at Marukai, and I finally splurged on the more expensive ones!
L-R: Kokubo Piggy, Bison Hot Ginger, and Moomin Valley Bath Powder in Strawberry Cream! I tried the Moomin one and it was great! Proper review coming soon :D

Finally, I'll end up with a vain selfshot of myself...that was redundant..
Anyways, I was going to change my FB picture to this, but my friend said to keep my old one, so I'll just post it here hahaha


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