Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lattes and Leopard (Nails) + New Banner!

I'm sorry for not being able to blog lately, I've been seriously super busy! (yeah I know, excuses, excuses..)
This is going to be just a quick latest mani's blog
First time I tried no water marbling! Inspired by lattes, but it ended up a bit messy D:
Leopard, I've been gravitating towards leopard since it's fall now and I can't do MANY florals.
Water marble, color scheme also inspired by latte art!
Gray and pink floral-y nails, I haven't done this design in a while!
Lastly, not a manicure but I wanted to show you guys magnetic polish (index finger). It's soooo cool! I really wanted one but it's so expensive!

If you guys noticed, I got a new banner! Chanel designed it for me yesterday! Thank you!

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