Monday, June 27, 2011

Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown Lens Review!

I'm excited because this post is my first lens review!
I bought these lenses from PinkyParadise.
All items were purchased by me with my own money, and I was not sponsored for this post
All images and opinions are my own.

Ta-da~ The package I recieved! I was going to take a picture of the lenses in the bottle, but I had forgotten and I already opened and soaked them.
The package contained my lenses, nicely wrapped up in some bubble wrap, a cute blue piggy case, and Dariya fringe grabbers. By the way, the special cleaning thingie next to the fringe grabber didn't come with it ^^;
Soaking away in some Aosept solution~
You can see the bubbles working their magic!
The ever-so-popular one in, one out shot. You can see the great enlargment this lens givesSuper large and I love the design with flash, it shows up so much better! In normal daylight, it just looks like a brown ring ;___;

Okay so here's the actual review:
I got these lenses within 2 weeks, Super quick for the cheapest shipping option! I was really happy with customer service as well, they were kind and replied to my e-mails quickly!

The actual lens itself was great too, it was super large, my mom even said it made me look like a doll! The design itself was super pretty, but I wish it showed up more. Maybe, I should have gotten latte OTL

The first time I tried on these lenses, I was tearing and my eyes were twitching!...Not because of the actual lens itself, but there was something in the right one, and it made it extremely uncomfortable. I tried them again, and they were soft and comfortable, but were tiring after a few hours

Design: 4/5 Super pretty in the bottle and case, but doesn't show up super well on dark eyes.
Comfort: 3.5/5 Other than that one incident, it's great! EDIT: It's quite drying and tiring actually. -1.5
Customer Service: 5/5 So great, I definetly reccomend this site to anyone!

That's all for now, I guess

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mini Japanese Markets Haul!

Chanel and I had a family thing today, but we came kind of early so her dad took us to Mitsuwa Market Place and Daiso Marukai Value..? I don't remember the new name.

I picked up a few things while I was there!

First Mitsuwa!
Some yummy macarons
Just kidding, they're actually macaron shaped erasers! Cute, huh? :3 There were 2 or 3 more "flavours" but I didn't want to wast all my money on them !
Super realistic! My family thought they were actual macarons ! ^^;
My favorite chips! Sweetish-sour and salty! Pretty good, but not for those who don't like ume/salt+vinegar type things x)

After that, we went to ...DAISO. I still call it Daiso x)

Makeup sponges! Ten for $1.89 USD. Not bad! But I'm not using them for BB cream or anything, I'm using them for gradation designs!
Face roller! Helloooo V-LINE! ~
Lastly I got some silver bead things, they're for nail deco also! There was this really cute set of heart and star and plain loose glitter for nails, but I didn't want to spend like 10 dollars on a couple of things!

Circle lens review coming soon! Promise~



So yesterday Chanel and her parents spent the whole day in LA!
We started off the day by going to the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I didn't take pictures of all the stars..cause that'd take all day!

Look! It's Walt Disney! :3 He was one of the first ones that I actually knew who it was x)
But after walking a bit further...I noticed he had 2 stars? One on the walk toward the Chinese Theater then one a block after the theater!

After we walked a bit, we noticed there was a mall! It was super-fancy looking and nice! Chanel and I spotted a XXI Forever and were so tempted to go in...but no...we had more things to see and other places to go...T_T

The Chinese Theater! So crowded! And there were people in costume taking pictures too!

People had layed roses and candles on Michael Jackson's star. It was the 2nd anniversary of his death yesterday.

We left Hollywood and went to go find somewhere to eat,
Chanel's dad decided on Pho 2000. However, we didn't know it was a Korean run pho shop x)
We were greeted with an "ANNYEONGHASEYO!" and none of us knew what to reply, except for a meek "annyeong?"
They quickly realized we weren't Korean and started speaking English to us x)
The food was good, but a little bland. But still pretty good! :3

We finished eating and then went to the Koreatown Plaza! There was a nice music shop there with K-pop, J-music, and also American music as well!
The clothes there were so pricey ;___; But down stairs, there was a bakery with all types of yummy pastries and breads!
The box was really cute too!

We got a Mochi bread, custard bread, and a fruit pastry. We also had horn bread filled with chocolate cream...but we ate that before we could take pictures ^^'
Then Chanel suggested we drive to the Adidas store, and JOYRICH! ...Both were super expensive so neither one of us bought anything!

Can you guess whose tattoo shop it is?
KAT VON D! ....The car got in the way of the shot though OTL
Lastly we got to go to AMEOBA MUSIC! It was so huge! DJ Lance Rock was doing a set. Oh, how he's changed since his YOGABBAGABBA days xD
Chanel's mom bought me a Totoro DVD
Then we just drove back, all the way to San Diego~

Oh I got my lenses!
Review coming soon!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

USB Deco-fail T_T

It's like nighttime right now, so I guess I'll just blog to kill time before I sleep!

Haha...well...I TRIED (note: TRIED) to decorate my plain usbs...with some nail polish and some gems...

I didn't like the end result.
I would totally redo it! But I feel wasteful taking off all those rhinestones...D:

Well, I can always make another if I get a new USB :3


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Forest Giveaway!~


Aren't the prizes lovely?
Also check out her blog here!

I usually won't do these types of posts, but I couldn't resist! :3
I love her blog!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Just going to be a "what I did today blog"
I went to volunteer at my mom's office today with Chanel, cause we really need to get those 200 hours of com. service on our college application. Plus, our counselor loves overachievers :3
Afterwards, my mom took us to

CAFE HUE~ That place has the BEST crepes!
Nutella-Strawberry Crepes, with Strawberry gelato! Around 7 bucks and probably a ton of calories but so, so worth it !

Afterwards, I stayed at my grandparents house with the little cousins :3
The youngest one was acting cute for the camera, heheh.
And NOTD!~ Floral prints are everywhere these days! But I still like it :3
Tutorial for these nails here, click!

Short Update, but thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE Follow Me Tint Review

Today's review will be of :

Etude's Follow Me Tint! Basically, it's a solid tint~ In the tube, it's green but when applied it turns light to bright pink depending on how many layers you put on! Plus it has SPF 13! How cool! This was endorsed by 2NE1 last year and Chanel bought this for me as a Christmas gift
It's a cool minty blue in the tube, but you can see it's slightly pink on the top. From the background, can you tell what my next review will be? :3

The packaging is super cute! White with pink stars! But sadly, I threw it into my bag and I took it out one day and then I noticed there was a crack ;___;Swatches on my arm, 1 Swipe
3 swipes, you can see the color is more intense

Flash, no flash!

Packaging: 4/5 Very, very cute, but I feel like it's kind of flimsy.
Pigmentation: 5/5 It's very pigmented! So if you don't want super bright lips, use it with a light hand :3\
Texture: 5/5! Super smooth, glides on so nicely and leaves a nice shine to my lips
Recommend? YES! Great for everyday, and if you want, add a couple more layers and it's ready for nighttime!
They also released a tangerine one as well!

Thanks for reading~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek Review~

I thought I'd do another review, because it's summer and there's nothing to do x)

Alright , this time it's Canmake Cream Cheek in No. 1 Peach Dream. Hehe I love the color names!
Isn't the packaging cute? It reminds me of a little jewel because of the facets on its case

Opened case, as you can see I've kinda hit the bottom of this. I really wish I could have done a review when it was new, but at the time I didn't even know I was going to make a blog!
The back, in case people wanted to read it :3
It's quite small! It fits in the palm of my hands and I have pretty small hands!
Swatched on my arm and then a blended swatch. I apologize, the camera didn't pick up the color very well D:
On my face, again the color doesn't show well on camera D:

Likes: The texture is really nice! It's mousse-like and great for blending. The colour is a really sweet pink too.

Dislikes: There are large glitter flecks in it! It makes it hard to wear on normal days because it looks like I have glitter fall-out on my face or something like that D: This line also has the "Lame glitter" ones too, so I wonder how much more glittery those would be

Overall: 4/5, I love the color and texture, but the glitter makes it not very wearable to school.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Tips/Nail Chips~

So my mom used to do nails, but she quit so she still has a bunch of old nail stuff left!
She let me play with some of it and i created some nail tips!
I hope to do a couple of tutorials for the shared blog Chanel and I run,
I already have one up here~

My mom found some acrylic powder and a monomer liquid! I want to experiment with some 3D nails soon, but first I have to find a brush and find out of the powder is white or clear. Hehe when I get that cleared up, I'll try it out and post!
That's all for now!

Monday, June 13, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE Fresh Cherry Tint Review~

So I was wondering why I can't seem to get any followers,I realized I can't get followers if there isn't any material to follow!So as soon as I got home, I got some photos together, and here is my first review! :3

Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tints in No.1 and No.3! I had the pink one also, but I lost it in my bag/at school somewhere T_T.

The texture of these tints are quite different from the ones I saw at Sephora.
They are jelly-like and milky in color, as opposed to the translucent, liquidy tints like Benetint (though these are supposed to be dupes for Benetint)
The scent is... of course, cherry! I think there's also floral notes in there too. People complain it smells like cough syrup, but I don't really mind. I actually like it :3
Starting off with a picture of bare lips...
NOTE: I kinda switched the labels on the glossed bad OTL

Peach Tint
Likes: It's very natural, and I love it for a light flush of color when I'm on the go. I thought it'd be too orange, but it's very wearable.
Dislikes: Not very much to dislike, but I feel like it's necessary to reapply after 4 hours, or 2 hours if I've been eating or drinking.

Cherry Tint
Likes: It's very pigmented! I think it's great for special occasions, or if you're going for that ulzzangy-tint-right-in-the-middle-of-your-lips look. A few light dots makes it pretty wearable for everyday.
Dislikes: It's a bit too bright for everyday use to school! I accidentally put too much on and it was so hard to remove!

Peach Tint: 5/5 It's very wearable, and sweet. Perfect for everyday.
Cherry Tint: 4/5 Lovely color, but not for everyday looks unless you wanted that super red pin-up doll lip look.
In the pictures, it looks like the red is pretty natural, but in real life they are like SUPER red.

Alright, so I guess that wraps up my first real post!

First Post~

Soooo....It's summer!
That means free time, and nothing to do, so my cousin suggested a create a blogger.

I suppose this blog will be daily (or weekly.. >_<) posts, and reviews (circle lens review coming soon :D) and stuff like that.
We also created a joint blog that we'll update from time to time as well :D