Saturday, July 30, 2011

NOTD 7/30/11

No piano lessons for 2 weeks! My teacher is going back to Japan, I think ^^; That means I can grow my nails as long as I want ! Hehehe :3
Also, I can cram in as much nail art as I can while my nails are long !
Anyways, today's nails are...

Half-moon pink leopard! I added some star glitters on the smile line

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bonjour, Bonjour!

Hello ~
I am actuallt at the San Diego Airport as I write this!
No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm picking up my cousin visiting from France! He and his family are visiting for a few weeks which will hopefully put a change in my otherwise  mundane days!

That's it I guess, not to exciting, sorry ;_;
Ps, a picture of the new starbucks refreshers I tried! I like the berry one!

Monday, July 25, 2011

NOTD 7/25/11 (I)

I've been on a posting spree for this blog lately...sorry D:

Anyways, since that last outfit, I was inspired to do a Tsubasa style Minnie Mouse nail!
I want to go to Disneyland now... Anyways...
I hope you guys liked it!


Oh and I have another NOTD here!

Credits to Jendee for the tutorial!

Coordinate Courtesy of ArmoirePotato~

My friend Jenny helped me put together an outfit using the grey sweater I bought, featured in the last post!

Grey Disney Sweater, White tank (she said next time tuck in because short torso=long legs), and Fluffy black skirt

Paired with these shoes!
Haven't done a V sign in a picture since purikura ! O_O Anyways full outfit!
Anyways, Jenny, you're awesome! Thank you so much dear!~


Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24/2011 (OOTD)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Chanel, Emily, their dad, and I went out to the movies today! Emily and her dad went to go watch Zookeeper, and Chanel and I saw CAPTAIN AMERICA.
It was really interesting! The theater was packed! Plus, because we saw it early in the morning, it was only 6 dollars a ticket!
This was what I wore out today! Dress from Forever21, Bag from ...Ross (bahhaha) Aaaand the mameshiba I got on Saturday!
This is what the tag says...haha how strange

After the movie we went to a Tilly's in the same strip mall that the theatre was in. Chanel got a really pretty ring too and Emily got a shirt
After Chanel dropped me off at home, my mom took me to Mitsuwa, Marukai, and (formerly known as) Daiso! ...And Ross. I got this sweater (Jenny! Help me coordinate?) for about 12 dollars!
4-tier skirt...6 bucks! Couldn't resist a bargain!

Sorry for the late post, it didn't publish last night!
I'll have another post probably later today...or not...depends :P


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today, Chanel's parents took Chanel, Emily, and I on a trip to Irvine!
We went to South Coast Plaza, and WOW that place is so fancy *__*
They had LV, Coach, Versace, and other luxury stores and the decor of the place was so pretty too! We spent a long time just walking around this huge mall! (It's two malls connected by a bridge!)

On the larger end of the mall, there was a balloon stand.

I usually don't like balloons, but the colors were so pretty!

We went to a shop called the Puzzle Zoo, and there was tons of plushes! There was Sanrio, Ugly Dolls, Angry Birds, and MAMESHIBAS!
Chanel, Emily and I ended up getting one! Chanel got a Tiger Bean, Emily got Black Bean, and mine is Green Pea!

We left the luxurious South Coast plaza and went to the Asian Garden Mall afterwards to shop for phone charms and other various goodies. Then we went to lunch at Pho 54
There's a bakery in the same (crowded) strip mall as Pho 54 called Van's Bakery! The cakes there are soooo pretty and really yummy too!

After that, we just headed to Chanel's house and we went on a walk to our school then back, some light exercise ^^;
Now onto the stuff I bought!
I originally saw this pallette on Phi's video, and I thought it was so cute! When I found it at Claire's today, I just had to have it! The box is Jill Stuart-esque and very princessy! It's gorgeous!
Some swatches! I was kind of dissappointed on how the middle two colors look so similar in real life though ;_;. The textures of the eyeshadows are super soft and smooth though, so no complaints there!
A Macaron mirror I got at the Asian Garden Mall! Chanel bought 2 of them, a purple and an orange. She said she's going to give either one or both of them out in her giveaway she's planning. Look out for it!
The inside is a mirror! The macaron part of it is soft and it feels like...foam? I don't know but it's squishy :3
And lastly, I promised my friend Jenny that I would buy her a dolly red color polish! The bottle itself is really pretty and has cute little details on the applicator? Handle? I don't know what to call it! ^^; Anyways, the color is a a vibrant red and I really wish I bought one for myself, the color is really pretty!

Thank you to all the new followers! I've gotten so many so quickly! I honestly appreciate it!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I should probably come up with more creative titles for day to day posts! Anyways,
Today my mom was home, and she planned to take my little cousins to Chuck E Cheese's (and Chanel and I had to tag along of course)
Chanel came over in the morning, and suggested we attempt some sort of a gyaru-style makeup!

ATTEMPT, It's not the best ^^; If my lovely readers could give me suggestions, that'd be great!
Probably a more smokey eye and some proper bottom lashes, right? Haha the bottom lashes I used today were cut off pieces of other falsies
My outfit for today, featuring the elephant shirt from this post. I never do OOTD's , should I start?

Anyways, Chanel and I got all dressed up and ready to head out. When we went to pick up my little cousins, we got a call that my grandfather's car had broken down! D:
We had to go pick him up, but we also had to wait for about 45-60 minutes for a tow truck to come get his car.

So, the plans for Chuck E Cheeses were delayed but we did end up going, to make the little ones happy :3

We went back to my house and ate lunch! Chanel and I had instant Korean noodles called BiBimMen. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's really yummy, especially with kimchi!

We dropped off Chanel and the kids and then I had a doctor's appointment. I'd been having trouble breathing for the past few nights when I tried to fall asleep. I got scared, because I didn't want to suffocate to death in my sleep o.o
The doctor couldn't find anything abnormal, so he ordered I have a chest x-ray. My mom and I spent a good half hour driving around trying to find this place -__-; The x-ray itself only took about 15 minutes

After we finished with everything, my mom got me boba! Milk tea, and this particular place has Strawberry flavoured boba pearls!
When I got home, I saw my case had arrived! I was so happy because I already had dropped my phone today ;__; So sad. I was really happy with this eBay seller though! It came about 1 week before expected! Yay for fast shipping :)

On the box that the case came in, it had a site called Cocoroni. This site has tons and tons of cute cases so anyone that owns a Galaxy, Galaxy tab, iPhone 3GS and 4G, iPod Touch 4G, and iPads and wants a super cute case under 20 dollars (most are, I'm not sure about shipping though D:) should go to this site!
My piggy charm! It got dirty after I dropped my phone today though D:
My home screen! The wallpaper is Little Twin Stars, and the penguin in the middle is named Pesoguin! Anyone that has an android can get this widget, it's really adorable ^^

That's it for today! Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to all the new followers! I went from 20 to 30 in about a week! Thanks so much ^^


Monday, July 18, 2011

Glitter Shoes!

I came down to my grandparents' house today, and I found the funniest pair of shoes by the door!

They belong to my little cousin. It's decked out in red and white glitter and little beads in the heel! Haha ^^; She is known as a drama queen and loves to do everything as extravagantly as possible...sometimes it's annoying! She even wore a crown around one day!..Anyways..

I would never be able to pull those off, but I guess you could pull off tons of crazy things as a kid

Haha just wanted to share that!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopping Haul!

I went to the mall with my mom today and picked up a few things!
This is everything I got today!
First, we went to Charlotte Russe. I usually don't go there, but there was a "Happy Hour" sale!
My mom got bracelets at 2 for $8 USD! I love the roses and pearls *_*

Afterwards, we went upstairs to a store called Closet Apparel! There was tons of florals and interesting fun things but I didn't get anything D:
On the way out, I saw a contact lens display!
They had some lenses that looked alot like Geo and EOS style lenses with black rings and everything! However, the solution that it was stored in was a milky clear liquid... Something told me that it was NOT trustworthy!
We left and went to Forever 21! I was hoping to find some work slacks to wear when I do volunteer work at my mom's office. I couldn't find any but I got some basic tanks that I've been needing for a while.

I went to a different mall with Chanel and her mom and I picked up this ring, but then put it down because I was thinking that the H&M would have some cheaper rings. But when we got to H&M... there were no rings that I liked, or could pull off. OTL

So today, when I found this ring again, I had to get it!
This is probably my favourite item out of my haul! It's a flowy, sheer top with a "self-tie accent" (from the site haha) at the collar!
If you couldn't tell from the picture above (which ...I don't think anyone can ^^;) the pattern is tiny elephants! I didn't know what it was at first, I thought it was floral! When I picked it up I saw the elephants and I thought, "I have to have this!"

I tried it on with some gyaru-style lace shorts (that I wanted, but didn't buy ;__;)
In this picture, you can kinda tell how short I am! Haha ^^;

Total of everything came up to be about $40 USD!

That's it for now!^^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

La Rosa Crackle Review~

So crackle polishes have been getting so much attention lately right? OPI, China Glaze, even drugstore brand Sally Hansen is releasing their own!

So I wanted to see what the hype was about! My mom drove me to her friend's beauty supply store in hopes of finally trying out the crackle. I thought I'd pick up the China Glaze ones that they had on display last time I visited. Sadly, they ran out, but the owner kindly pointed out the new display they had. It was called La Rosa Crackle and they had TONS of colours! Even more than the new OPI collection! I was so excited, but I only picked up the white one, for $3.75 USD!

The bottle! The color is in No. 10 Snow White! Used over 2 coats of Color Club Way To Dazzle.

On a fake nail, I did a thin coat, which resulted in wispy, thin shatter pieces!
On another fake nail, I did a fairly thick coat. It took FOREVER to shatter, but it left nice, large chunks of polish.
I did a gradient, then white shatter over! Inspired by youtuber Hwannie! Her videos are absolutely amazing!

I wanted to try out this polish, but I didn't now if it'd look good! I'm still on the fence about it, sometimes I look at it, and I love it, sometimes I'm tempted to take some acetone and just get rid of it! I guess it depends on my mood! I'd love to try the black one though, that one seems so versatile

The formula was kinda thick and difficult to apply. It even gooped up so much that I couldn't even use it! I had to drip some polish remover into the bottle to thin it out a bit.

The main concern for me is, how is this polish going to incorporate in to gyaru nail art? I was thinking maybe like....leopard print with black crackle tips? Floral with some white crackle on part of it ? I don't know! I guess I'll just have to experiment!

All in all, I'm in a love-hate relationship with crackle.

Oh, you should check out my friend Jenny's blog! She has the prettiest clothes (and should take me shopping sometime) and amazing art skills! I can't wait to see her future blog posts!

That's it, I guess!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes I am blogging on my phone again, but I talky wanted to try these fancy camera apps!

Anyways, spent the day doing nothing basically! Just read part of my summer reading book for AP bio, 1/3-ish of the way there!

Skipped my daily run though... Bad child D:

Just finishing my day with some of my favorite green tea ice cream from Haagen Dazs ! These pictures were taken, wroth the app Camera360!

Haha anyways I think I should probably practice piano soon, before ma mere gets mad ^^;

And so ends a lazy, uneventful day
Sorry for the boring post D: I will make more reviews and tutorials soon!


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Samsung Galaxy!

Hello ~
If you've been reading Chanel's blog, you would know that we both got the Samsung Galaxy S 4G!

We both love this phone so, so much! People have compared this to the iPhone but I like this more ! (ohohoh I'm so biased)

I live the camera and all of the apps for it! Super HQ!

I took some pictures of my cousins with the camera,

It's really good quality even if it's a 5mp

Anyways, I got the blogger mobile app so I can blog on the go now! Yay!

I guess that's it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I went back to that phone dealer and we signed our contract!
We had to drive all the way down there, (15 minute drive maybe?)

In the meantime, I...*ahem* camwhored in the car! I like the lighting in the car ^^;

When we got there, we were helped out by the same man, and he explained everything in detail! Super nice!

I got the Galaxy which will be coming in tomorrow, and my parents got
The Samsung M1 Vodaphone! My mom's is white and my dad's is black! Matching phones, how cute:3 Haha the phones are so confusing though! It'll take us a while to figure out!

Anyways, can't wait to get my phone tomorrow! Yay!
Chanel's selling her old phone...sadly. If you are interested click here
She took care of it very well, no worries about that!

Anyways, I hope you are having/had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I apologize in advance, this is going to be a long, probably uninteresting post to many of you! It's just going to be a life/daily post. It's not going to contain many pictures ^^; Again I apologize.

Today, I had to have the water heater replaced by a friend of Chanel's dad. So naturally, Chanel's dad and the rest of Chanel's family came along, because both of our families are really close (Chanel's mom and my mom are sisters)
I didn't want to hang around the house while this was happening so Chanel's mom took Chanel, Emily and me to the library. Chanel and I were hoping to grab some books to finally start on our AP Bio summer assignments (lazy bums ^^;)

ALL OF THEM WERE CHECKED OUT ;_____;. Every copy in the city! How is this possible!We'll have to check back next week or just shell out money and buy it in a book store.
We went back to my house afterwards and watched tv for a few minutes, and we left again! Chanel's parents had to renew their phone contracts and I came along...because really, I had nothing else to do!

We went to the first place, which will remained unnamed, and it seemed...Chanel called it, "shady". It was large-ish and dimly lit. It is both a travel agency and a phone dealer. The phone selections were sparse, and there was only one display. The worker was unattentive and she didn't seem to know what she was saying! At first she claimed the Galaxy 4G we wanted was $220 USD. Then after talking a for a few minutes, she said it was $300! What! She said if we wanted it cheaper, we shouldn't go here! ...Is she really knocking her own business?

We left and found another place. The place immediately seemed more respectable and bright! We were welcomed by the owner's wife and were helped out by the owner himself! He said the phone would be $220 and he would get discounts for Chanel's parents! His wife was helping some other customers but all in all they were really kind! He even drew out a map of all the costs and savings that would apply! They ended up getting the contract there instead! My parents will be coming here tomorrow to renew our own contract!
Emily got the
D-Lite! It's really really cute and great as a first phone! All the lights and cutesy functions as well as the games will keep the 8 year old distracted for a while. ^^;

Chanel and I will be getting
-drumroll- (or not, you might have read Chanel's blog already)

Samsung Galaxy S 4G! She already has a super cute case purchased off of eBay and I have one in mind! This one! It has a 3D rose corsage and lacey pattern The phones won't come in till Monday but we can wait!

Now I'm winding down with a glass of Homemade Tazo Orange Iced Tea! Yum! I have a recipe here if you want to recreate it!
Alright, I guess that's it! If you have read to this point, thank you for bearing with me! I hope you all are having a great weekend!