Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Etude House Soda Tint + Updates+ NOTD

Time for a quick review before my freedom gets taken away by something called "APs" ;_;

This is Etude House's Miss Tangerine Soda tint in No.2 (Cranberry).I got this as a gift from a friend who went to Korea over the summer! Actually, I gave her money to buy me this ^^; Anyways, this is actually an interesting product. It's a dual layer lip tint, with a lava lamp effect!

It has a doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle. You shake it up to use it so the color is nice and evenly mixed with the ....oil? moisturizing ingredient? the clear stuff, ok? x)

Now for some derpy looking lip swatches :)
The last one doesn't look much different, but it has a layer of Missha gloss on it.

I like this product, actually. It's a good novelty item to have around and the scent is AMAZING. However, if your lips aren't totally moisturized, it'll show up patchy like the photos above. And the taste....is...not as good as the scent ;_; It's weird and salty and blehh.

Color: 5/5 It's a nice deep berry color, wearable as long as you don't over do it! Apply with a light hand for a natural look
Scent: 6/5. It's amazing. But if you're sensitive to smell, this won't be for you D:
Moisturizing: 4/5 Not drying like other tints, but actually quite moisturizing
Wear time: 3/5 Fades within 2-3 hours
Overall 4/5 It's quite nice and really gimicky. The taste and wear time prevents it from getting a 5/5


I've been getting ready for school which starts tomorrow! Ergghhhh, still in my summer mode, still lazy.

Chanel's dad has been taking us shopping and other places for the past 3 days!
We went to Knott's on Sunday where we won about 20 plushies from the claw and various other games (but mostly claw games)

Had some milk tea the other day, I think I mentioned this place to you guys before! The best milk tea ever, paired with STRAWBERRY boba. YUM
NOTD from before school!
I think I'm gonna do less of these since school started and I have a boatload of work to do ;_; Wish me luck ?
Top: Revlon Blue Lagoon (gift!), Bottom Forever 21 Blue Rose Petal ( It was about 1.80 USD, super cheap and gorgeous color!)

Alright, so I think you'll see my post frequency go down rapidly, but I will post once in a while! Maybe!

Well for now, take care and thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Summer Already?

Only 3 days until school restarts, super sad ;_;

Chanel and I had registration last Wednesday (by the way, have you entered her giveaway? :3)
We got our IDs which I do not want to post, let alone keep for the rest of the year...and picked up books

From top to bottom : English 3-4 book, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP European History/World History, and an English work book.

I'm still wondering what the heck I got myself into ;_;

I went to Marukai Living today. Well when I first came in, I looked in the back because Chanel said they had it there last time. But after searching for about 10 minutes, I only found the big Bath Roman boxes. I was disappointed and walked through the aisles and I saw a shelf dedicated to bath salt pouches! They only had one Bison type (for 5 bucks! Ouch.) but lots of other interesting bath salts that I can't wait to come back and try! I also found out that they sold Diamond lashes for about 10 bucks!
I got a grapefruit scented sweat bath (left). From the packet I could only figure out that it would turn the water milky yellow, it contained Co Enzyme (? I'm assuming Collagen because also said Q10), and has pepper extract! Excited to try this one, and also in the store, they had 3 other types: Raspberry, Lavender, and something I can't remember right now, I think it's Rose ^^;

The second one, I saw it on the blog of the lovely Jen of Sushi-cat!
I couldn't read much of it so I went to her blog for her review! She said that it was intense in terms of heat and had an "Asian Floral" scent!

Both were pretty cheap, cheaper than the Bison one anyways. The grapefruits one was 3 dollars and the piggy one was 2. The store also carried other interesting salts like a Strawberry cream scented one, and even salts specifically catering to each blood type! (also 2 dollars~) I really wanted to get it but I don't know what blood type I am, but I don't think it matters anyways...maybe next time?

Well now a couple of NOTDS!
Blue gradient with a new polish my friend bought me! I also had to cut my nails short for piano (and one broke)
Simple glittery pink nails with gems!

Tomorrow I'm going to Knotts Berry Farm! Last minute trip before school!


Mint's Giveaway!


Click here for details and to enter!
Super generous with the prizes! Circle lenses, lashes, nail things~
I remember watching her old videos on youtube, I think she had a gyaru video and a decoden video up before!

Anyways, congrats to her on all of her followers and subscibers! <3


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chanel's Giveaway!

No actually, this isn't an entry! There's no point to enter my cousin's giveaway right ?
Dolly wink booklets, lashes, and a mask donated by yours truely ~ are some of the prizes included!
Enter here~ I think she said it will end on her birthday which is on the 28 of September!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me~ (Pic Heavy!)

Actually it was yesterday, but I couldn't post anything because I had friends over!
We went out for pho and yogurt and went back to my house to hang out one time before school starts again ;__;

Anyways, here's a haul, a general haul first!

White bow purse from Yesstyle! I saw it on everyday_gyaru and I knew I had to have it, I love bows and I'm a sucker for quilted purses
Coach shoes, my first Coach Purchase ever! Hahah...outlet store though! The outlet was really big! ( And the cashier at the Adidas store was kinda cute ^^;)
Leopard cardigan from H&M! It's kind of short though, I don't mind too much.
I've been wanting this for a while too, maybe about 1-2 ish months? I finally got it using a birthday gift card
I found this at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas. $10 USD! Good deal and they have about 3 other colors
Also got it at Fashion Show, at the 2 story Forever 21 *___* This polish is super glittery and really pretty! The one complaint is that it doesn't dry glossy -___-
Sephora's birthday gift! It smells so yummy! It's a really tolerable Vanilla smell (I don't really go for vanillas, I like fruity scents!)
School supplies at the Zion (Korean Market). I love having cute pens and pencils, I don't know, they help me focus ? Maybe bright colors keep me awake, I don't know ^^;
Fox tail for my bag!
Face masks from Zion! I kept the strawberry, and gave the pomegranate to Chanel! The other strawberry, I will be contributing to her upcoming giveaway!

Now birthday gifts from friends !

Everything layed out
Cards! The first one on the left is hand painted, and the last one is a money bag actually! Haha

Cute pastel polishes! I really wanted a baby blue and my friend bought them for me!
My other friend (Sarah) went to Korea over the summer, and I gave her some money to buy my some cosmetics. Oh my gosh she got me way too much ;__; So guilty.
L to R: Acne spot treatment from Baviphat, Makeup remover, Face mist, Mascara Remover all from Etude house
All the samples that came with it! Moisturizers, BB creams, and a Makeup priming pad
Henna Fix mascara (HG *__*) and Tony Moly Gel liner, which is supposed to be as good as MAC's!
Soda Tint, I specifically asked her to find me this :3 But the Missha lipgloss on the right was a total suprise *__*
Cute Hello Kitty Socks she threw in too!
Another friend bought me a cute polka dot shirt from H&M
And another bought me the new Paris Amour from Bath and Body Works~ I actually really like this smell, it's not my typical strawberry-fruits scents. It's like vanilla, musk, and a hint of ...fruit? I don't know, but I do like it!

Ahh I'm so grateful for my friends and family ;__; They're all too kind

I'll do a review on these products soon! After I try them out of course haha,
Tomorrow is school picture ID day, wish me luck so that both Chanel and I don't get derpy pictures! Haha


Saturday, August 13, 2011

CutieLippi Giveaway~

I'm sorry for not having a proper post in a while, the internet here was on again off again, so the most I can do are giveaway posts because they're super quick ;_;

Etude house goodies, and lots of other things! Click here!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cominica's Giveaway!~


Cominica's Giveaway! Click Here~
Cute samples and lashes and a gorgeous headband *__*

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sephora Glam Lash Review + Updates~

Today I'll be reviewing Sephora's In-house brand of lashes, in Glam!
So Chanel and I were at the mall, inside a JCPenney's and we saw the Sephora staff had put out some round, tiered stands. We went over to check it out and found TONS of stuff onsale! Colorful liners, foundations, shadows, all super super cheap!

Guess how much I got these lashes for!
2 Dollars! I also picked up a rosy pink highlighter pen and the total with tax came up to be a little under 5 dollars USD! Unbelievable!


The lashes in the box look like this
( Rakuten Picture)

Sorry for the creepy looking picture of me...I look so tired ;__;
Anyways, I really like these lashes! Even though they look a bit thick and full, it actually looks very dolly and cute! I put them 1 cm away from my inner corner because
A) They poke my inner corner and it's annoying OTL
B) It gives a better droopy look!

With my eyes closed you can see how thick these are! But open, you can only see the flared ends, and it gives lots of volume!
The one downside is the glue it came with... Mine was a fluke, Chanel's turned out fine! But really, look at it! It's not the bottle, that's the glue! It dried up and I yanked it out of the tube
-__- It was like rubbery, and reminiscent of that homemade borax silly putty I made as a little kid...

Anyways Overall:

Design: 8/10 Cute and dolly, but I don't know if I can pull it off at school!
Volume: 9/10 Super thick, and very nice!
Length: 6/10 More designed for volume, really
Comfort: 8/10 I can see it when I look down! It's kind of heavy too!

Total: Calculator says 7.75/10 But honestly, I really like them so I'll give them a 8.5/10 hehe

Review over!
If you aren't interested in my life updates, then feel free to close this!

So my cousin has been over from France for about 1 1/2 weeks now? My family (extended) has been spoiling him to no end! New camera, new iPod, probably a new G-Shock ... /Jealous!
But it's okay, he's really nice, and a good kid so I think he deserves it!

We're going to Las Vegas soon! Thursday, actually! I got data on my phone so I can update on the trip, maybe!

Then after that, it's my birthday! (8/15 heheh)

I went to AGM (Asian Garden Mall) last weekend and I picked up some cute keyboard stickers! My keys were chipped and scratched (and stained with nail polish *cough* my bad...) So I got some stickers to cover them up! $2.99 USD! You can also find them on ebay by searching cute keyboard stickers, but be warned that some of them have Korean Hangul on it, and I found it unnecessary so I got one without it!

That's it! I probably won't post until, or after the trip!
Thank you for reading and following as always! I reached 50! I'm still debating on having a giveaway now, or until I reach 100 (IF I reach 100) to buy myself time!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pearly Kelly's 500 Follower Giveaway!

There's a new giveaway going on!
Pearly Kelly's 500th follower giveaway! She has so many cute prizes and tons and tons of lashes!
Even some Tony Moly!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I got a package in the mail today
(hehe I LOVE getting things in the mail for some reason)
They were the phone charms I ordered!

Came nicely packaged, but kinda smushed ;_; Oh well, still cute! I got 3 for 10, but they used to have 4 for ten (light pink, hot pink , white, and blue). I feel kind of ripped off, but I had to get it since it was their last lot for now! I bought one for myself, and the other two are for Chanel and Emily
Close up! They come with a detachable bow charm!
The heart itself is so soft, and the ribbon is really sparkly! So cute

Quick NOTD! So uninspired ;_;

Polka dot french tips and stars and rhinestone details
Close up for better look at the design

Thanks for reading as always, I'm currently at 49 readers! I never knew I'd get more than about 10 ! Thank you so much


Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Leopard Nail Tutorial ★

As requested by a lovely reader, Huynh, I'm going to show a tutorial of my most recent NOTD!
Materials: 2 pinks, one lighter one darker, black polish, (optional) Glittery polish, decorations, Top coat
Paint your nails with the lighter pink, leaving the half moon unpainted.
Make random pink splotches with the darker pink
Outline the dark pink with the black. You can do C shapes or Bracket shapes, or vary and use both!
Add more black spots randomly to the design!
Optional: Add a glittery top coat!
Decorate the smile line! You can use star glitters like me, use hexagonal glitters, gems, beads, even a simple line of glitter polish will be totally fine! Finish off with a top coat and voila~

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the tutorial!