Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bath...For Your Blood Type?!

Another bath review because I have a bit of down time before I do homework. Yay Unit Circles! Haha just kidding

Anyways, in Japan apparently there are lots of things that can be determined based on your blood type! Things such as personality and diet are affected by one's blood type supposedly. Now there are blood type bath salts!
There are four scents,
A- Blue Peppermint
B-Yellow Grapefruit
O-Selenium Pink (?!)
AB- Chamomile Green

Am I type A? I don't know...I think I'm actually type B or O because my parents are B and O...
BUT I wanted the type A because I was interested in a Peppermint bath salt! Hot weather+Menthol bath= Love! Or so I hoped! Though I am curious as to what Selenium pink is...isn't that an element?

The packaging is simple and has a clear little "window" I suppose you would call it, to reveal the look of the actual salt

The actual bath salt includes a powder and large grains of...crystals... I'm not sure I suppose it could be sea salt?
The color is actually more rich than that! It's super pretty in person.

Review time!
My first impression when I opened the bag I was attacked by an overwhemingly strong scent of peppermint! When I dumped it into the water, however, the smell was more pleasant and light. The bath itself wasn't anything too special, unfortunately. I thought I'd experience a cool rush of menthol-y goodness. I suppose there was a cooling effect but it wasn't noticable, inside the bath or afterwards. There wasn't any change in moisture either ;_;

I'll skip the break down and give this a 3.5/5!
I really hoped this would be a great minty bath, but I guess the idea was more of a novelty. I don't know if I will repurchase, but if I do, I'll go for a B or O instead!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Kokubo Piggy Bath Salt Review!

This will be my first bath salt review! (Yay!..or no one cares...that's cool too..)
Haha anyways, I was so excited when I saw this bath salt at Marukai because I had seen it on Jen of Sushi-cat's blog! The name is written in Kanji, so I don't know what it means... Does anyone mind translating? :D
The package portrays a sweaty pig. I hoped that meant it was effective?
It looks like chili powder!
Half filled/ half of the bag in!
Full bag dumped it! It's a really vibrant orange red!

Alright! So onto the review:
When I was little, I had a bad experience with overly floral smells, they gave me a bad headache after overexposure...That being said I was kind of afraid that I'd have to suffer through a thick floral-fakey smell. HOWEVER, that wasn't the case! It was very pleasant and appropriately strong!
The sweating efffect was amazing! I was a skeptic, but by the time I got out, I was sweating like mad!
The color is really pretty, but I kinda wish it was milky. I don't like seeing myself in the bath ;_;

Scent 5/5 Nice floral scent. Not too overpowering or cloying.
Color 5/5 Vibrant and pretty!
Effectiveness 5/5 Had me sweating like crazy!

Total 5/5

I have another bath salts post that I was planning, but I don't know if it's really worth it.. maybe xD

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming+Makeup Experimentation+Nails/ General Updates

Long time no post! I'm super sorry! AP Euro history has taken over my life...
Also I apologize because this post will not have much flow/ make logical or chronological sense and the weird long title.. OTL

Anyways! I have some pictures from Homecoming 2011

Obligatory hand on hip shot!
M+Chanel's little Sister+Me (and M's sister photobombing in the back)
Foooooood. Las Vegas roll on the left and Rising Sun on the right. IT WAS SO GOOD. I can't even..yummmm I want some now! And it was half off !

Pyramid cake, which was chocolate and caramel mousse with cocoa powder and topped with a bit of gold leaf! Fancy :D

There was a bit of mishap and drama at the restaurant , but nothing involving my group directly, but something happened and my friends' reservation was messed up and then a waitress was rude to them...

Anyways, I didn't take any pictures inside the dance because...that'
You know what I'm talking about.


I saw this picture of Tsubasa and I wanted to try it for myself! Haha Fail though....

Also, I ordered some more lenses on pinkyparadise! I got the Max Pure Brown! I can't wait for them to arrive :D

Finally, some nails I've worn in the past month or so? I did very little nail art because I really had no time ;____;
Blue gradient tips for homecoming
Pink watermarble! I taped off part of the nail because I was inspired by Jen!

Haha sorry for the probably incoherent post! I'll try to do a review of something soon and I'll post when I get my lenses!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Riina's First Giveaway!

This giveaway is incredibly generous! Liz Lisa dress and Melliesh lashes and Dolly Wink case (oh my! haha)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random Purchases+ NOTD 9/10/11

The power's been back, and I feel like the whole thing was a learning experience. The lesson? 1) Everyone is so dependent on electricity, and when it goes out we all complain, it could have been a lot worse. 2)My family is totally unprepared in times of disaster D: We need to make an emergency kit soon! I hope everyone that was affected by the outage stayed safe and took advantage of the situation and had fun watching stars and spending time with family! And I hope all the students had a nice day off, hehehe no APEH test! >:D
I went to Marukai today and picked up a few things!

Bath salts! I'm excited to try the Bloodtype bath salts! Am I an A type? I don't know, I'm most likely a B or O but I wanted to try a minty cool type bath! The Kokubo bath salt again, I really liked it. Nice and hot! I'll review it the second time I use it :D Lastly, DIAMOND LASH! Not for me, but for Chanel whose birthday is the end of this month!

Gummy Choco Strawberry x3 + Meiji Apollo! My friend had me pick up a bunch for him, the shop lady must have thought I was crazy ^^;
Lastly, Colorful nails with a heart! It's going to be gone by tonight or tomorrow night because I'm going to do the Minnie Mouse nails again for Disney Day!

Alright, till next time?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is this! -___-

BLACK.OUT. IN 90 DEGREE WEATHER. No power till tonight and even into tomorrow, it's a miracle I still have the internet going (whoohoo for backup battery for the modem!)

That was the weirdest power outage, I was in the school library with a few friends when the lights flickered off, like Paranormal Activity style. Everyone freaked out o_o

There's no power, no stop lights creating hour-long traffic jams (even on streets! Not even the freeway).

It's been about 3 hours since everything turned off and I'm not even sure how long this is going to last, I hope it's going to end soon!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Review!


I finally finished my AP Bio review so I had some time to make a new post!

Today's review will be of Dolly Wink's Eyeshadow in no. 1 Sweet Dolly Brown. Chanel bought me this palette for my birthday and I saw super excited! It was my first DollyWink product (I'm too cheap to buy the lashes haha)

Packaging~ Actually the actual pallette was in a small clear box, but I threw that away I think
Inside contains instructions on how to use the palette to achieve a dolly look!
Tsubasa looks super gorgeous in these shots!
The actual packaging! It's adorable, with the detailing in the plastic. It reminds me a bit of Anna Sui
Opened, the colors are like a golden-y brown, cream, chocolate shimmery brown, and a dark brown-black color. I've been using the sponge tip applicator :D I don't know, people don't usually like applicators that come with shadows, but I like it!
One swipe of the shadows, super pigmented

I tried to recreate the look in the picture ^^; Not as good.
It's not really an EOTD cause it's incomplete, I need to add mascara and a bit of liner too !

Ok, ratings!

Packaging: 5/5 Super super adorable, but what else could you expect from Tsubasa!
Pigmentation: 5/5 Rich and super pigmented
Texture: 5/5 Silky smooth, and easy to apply
Price: 2/5 Expensive! This was actually a gift, but I've seen it retail for 25 dollars USD D:

OVERALL: 5/5 I'm not going to knock off points for price, since it was a gift.


I picked up some lashes at Walmart the other day, cause all my natural lashes broke, but I guess that's what you get for paying 5 bucks for 20 pairs in Vietnam xD.
The one on the right is the natural one, but I also picked up the one on the left because it was super pretty and reminded me of gyaru lashes! Review on these coming up!

Pinstripe Shirt : Forever21
Varsity Cardigan in Black : Forever21
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 ( Cheap, I think they were 10 or 14 dollars!)

Alright, I hope I can post more often, but I will update from time to time!


Edit: Everyone should check out Okashi's giveaway! She's a San Diego blogger like me!

Himeko's Giveaway!

Click on the picture or click here!

I adore those hats, soooo cute!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updates and Crackle Review ~

I haven't posted in a while, since school started D:
I'm sorry ;_;

School has been killing me lately, what with 3 APS occupying all my time. Errrrgghhh, so much work !

Anyways, homecoming dance is coming up soon! I already picked out a dress!

The theme is Across the Seven Seas! Last year's was The Galaxy is Ours, and the decorations were sooo amazing, they even had stars on the ceiling (lights shined up to the ceiling and made stars). I can't wait to see what it's going to be like this year!

Homecoming week is also coming up shortly, and the first spirit day is "Disney day"! You dress up like your favourite Disney Character! That's a really cute idea, I commend whoever came up with it!

Alright, quick quick review!

I got a new crackle polish today, it's called CRACK Nail Lacquer by Nabi (no.1 Black)

If you guys remember, I had a post on the La Rosa crackle in white, and I have to say I prefer this over the La Rosa! The other one was a bit too thick for my liking, and it applied thickly. This one is smooth, and perfect and the effects were instantaneous!

NOTD with the crackle! The nude color underneath is Sunset Sail by China Glaze !

Ah...this was kinda boring huh...sorry D:
I'll try to do more reviews and other things soon, when I get a break from APs...