Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upcoming Tutorials and MORE NAIL SPAM!

It's seriously been a while, and I apologize. I've had time, I've just been soooo lazy, summer does that to a person!

This post is going to be a lot of random photos put together, so I apologize if there's no coherence or flow to it :c

Both the same hairstyle, just one is with straight hair and the other with curly
I've been wanting to make a tutorial of this hairstyle for a while, I've gotten compliments on it when I'm out! It's called a ladder braid and I think it'd be a nice casual hairstyle for school. I might need a person to braid on ...(oh Chaneeeel~)
I picked up some things from Sephora over the weekend. Tokidoki makeup is being discontinued, which I'm so conflicted over! I like that everything's on sale and that means I can try things I've wanted to but didn't want to buy before. But on the other hand, if I like it and I run out, I won't be able to get it anymore! I've picked up perfumes from the TD line and now I've finally gotten something I've been wanting for a while: the Pittura brush set! If you have a Sephora near you, I suggest you pick a set up. It's so cute but very good quality. And it's SO SO soft! I picked up a set for Chanel too!
I got an iPad! My parent's early birthday gift to me :) My birthday is 8/15 (tomorrow as I post this!)

And now let's get into the nail stuff. Which leads me to the question, should I open a separate nail blog? If I do, can you guys suggest some names, because I can't think of anything clever that hasn't been taken already!
 My mom and I DIY'd a polish rack out of foam board hot glue and duct tape! Such a process ( got burnt..twice!) but now I have a pretty shelf to store my polishes in.
I went to SF and San Jose with Chanel and her parents and my other cousin. We went into the Grand Century mall and that discovered a Face Shop had opened there (keep in mind the last time I visited that place, I was probably 11 or 12). That place is like HEAVEN. The SA was pretty nice and was generous with samples too. The colors I got were BL602, OR204 I believe, and BL605. I also picked up some masks and porestrips.
 Ikat print nails. I saw this on MissJenFabulous' youtube and blog  and I wanted to try it out. Her's turned out so much better!

 Gold border nails. I think I'm going to do a tutorial on this too but there's tons on youtube. I have a different method so I might post one!

Lastly, I have my current manicure. The glitter is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, so I found it appropriate to wear it on my birthday!
This mani is actually a jelly sandwich: 2 layers OPI Don't Touch My Tutu + 1 coat Milani Gems + 1 coat OPI DTMT

Chanel and I have been talking about starting a youtube, and we wanted to film a "What's in my school bag" video. We probably will do that soon, but Chanel's bag has yet to arrive! Kinda hard to film a school bag video without a bag, I suppose!

I hope this post wasn't too messy. Look forward to those tutorials soon and maybe a video!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Always like Na Na Na~

This is going to be a bit of a fan-girly post so if you're not into this stuff...hehe sorry ^^;

I went to a One Direction concert with a few friends (though we managed to run into half of the student body of my school there as well)

...YES. I'm a Directioner! Don't judge me :c haha

The day of the concert was the day RIGHT after school ended, so it was like a summer kickoff for us. Well San Diego had a Summer Kickoff Concert, but I didn't go, so I'll just consider this as mine

The concert was great, and the boys were so adorable in person, never mind the fact that they were only an inch tall from my seat! (Especially my favorite, Niall but really I love 'em all!)

 The venue was the Viejas Arena at SDSU. Basically 99% of the attendees were female, go figure right?
The two opening acts were Camryn and Olly Murs, who I really like. He's really talented and I got a couple of his songs for my phone. Here is the link to his youtube if you want to check out his music. Camryn was pretty cool too, I still find it unbelievable that she's 12!
 I told myself that I wasn't going to freak out cause I felt they were over-hyped at this point with the promos on Nick and their new 6-10 year old fan base. But it was a pleasant surprise to find out that not many from that age group actually went to the concert. It was mostly 15-18 ish? There were a few rude girls that sat next to us though... Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I FREAKED out when they came out. So much for not spazzing, oops. No regrets!
 They were dressed in capes when they first came out! Haha so cute~
Blurry picture, sorry but this was the last shot I got before I gave up and just enjoyed the concert. They were doing a medley at this point I think

Now that summer has started I can restart my blog again
...and that giveaway...soon, I promise.
Plus I get to start driver's ed, but I'm a bit late. Better late than never I suppose?

Do you guys like 1D too?
What are your summer plans?


Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Spam + Food Spam+ Other Random Photos

I've been away for so long but school is ending super super soon and I thought I'd do a filler-ish post before I start posting regularly again.

So here's some pictures from when I was inactive!

Cloud nails (Konad plate m79) and rainbow gradient

Floral nails and dots (Konad...I'm not sure what plate for the flower)

Princessy nails (Konad m79)

The Konad things are from a giveaway I'd won from Katrina's nail blog! I was really excited so I ordered a bunch of nail things, naturally
 Lastly, I assume everyone has seen the Avengers! Wasn't it too amazing for words? Clockwise from upper lefthand corner: My Cap. America nails, Friend's Loki nails, Friend's "A" nails, Chanel's Iron Man nails
Food spam (FOOD PORN.)
 I've gotten the science of macarons down pretty well, despite lots of mess ups in the beginning and still some now. Mocha macarons = coffee shell and chocolate-coffee ganache.
 Okonomiyaki from the Mitsuwa Fair! Really yummy
 CARNE. ASADA. FRIES. One of the many reasons I love San Diego
  And lastly, I went to Round 1.... was it a week ago? Two? I don't know I've lost track of time! I won a Hello Kitty from the UFO catchers! First try on that specific machine, so proud of myself :D ...those darn games are so hard. Chanel and I also took lots of purikura

I hope you enjoyed my quick blog, if you like the whole photo only type posts, please follow me on instagram: tiffanyknguyen


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Airi's Giveaway!

Ahhhh oh no, I've been such a bad blogger lately, but I have one last hurdle before my summer starts and that's SAT II Math 2. (Oh goodness, I'm going to fail, wish me luck anyways?)

Anyways I'm here to quickly post about Airi's Giveaway
It features so many awesome things (ETUDE HOUSE OMG)

So yeah, I'll be back soon!


P.S. I'm almost at a hundred followers, so I might be holding a giveaway soon!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'M SO JELLY 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Anna from I'm So Jelly is having a really generous giveaway! Prizes include Candy Doll and LASHES. Oh and BENEFIT <3

Closet Voyage x Lens Village Giveaway!

The lovely Jiawa (? I think that's her name.. D:) is giving away two pairs of circle lenses! (I've been wanting a new pair..hehe) Anyways, enter HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NOTDs 3/10/2012

Just a quick update, I had a couple of manicure pics that have been rotting away in my phone aha
The pink is CG (China Glaze)'s Something Sweet, on the ring is Silver Lame by Dolly Wink
Brown is X by CG (looks black on camera), pink is CG- Something sweet, Darker pink is Candy Pink by Dolly Wink
Aaaand, I really had no place to put this but I like how clear this picture turned out so I wanted to stick it into a random blogpost!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Macarons, Part Deux + Dolly Wink Nail Polish!

Two blog posts in a row! Whoo!
Okay, so my followers know I make macarons a lot right? I made a couple new batches, and I just wanted to show you guys :D
Chocolate nutella, pretty successful and pretty classic flavoring
Mint shell and a whipped white chocolate ganache! It turned out like one of those fake Japanese food toys right?
Latest batch, same as above, a few cracks, but still pretty successful!

If you read my last post, there was a quick mention about Dolly Wink polishes!
Well the story was, Chanel and I went down to Marukai since it was Presidents' Week break in our district and we were really bored. We were just browsing through the lashes and makeup and other various things. As we were about to leave, I turned around and I saw a kind of hidden (it was on a low-ish shelf) display for the polishes and it said in big letters, "CLEARANCE 98 CENTS"
I was so ...shocked so I picked one up and lo and behold, they had a little sticker that said 98.
Chanel and I HAULED. Like seriously, HAULED. Chanel got one of every bottle available and I just got five since Chanel was paying and I didn't wanna overdo it. (Payed her back later.) I think the cashier was mentally laughing cause we looked crazy.
16 bottles of DW Polish, isn't it glorious?
The five I picked up, from left to right: Red, Candy Pink, Top Coat, Silver Lame, Gold Lame

I will put up a review soon!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skin Food Fruit Drink Nail Review (No.3 Grapefruit)+ Phone Case, Take 2

I'm killing time on a Saturday evening so I decided to update this blog :D

So last week was a break, and my friend got to go up to Irvine. She went to the Irvine Spectrum where they have one of the few Skinfood US branches. That's awesome because it's cheaper than airmail...wait scratch that, it might not be anymore since...gas...(ugh). Anyways, the unfortunate part is the crazy markups in comparison to the Korean shops. (6USD compared to 3000won which is a little less than 3 dollars)

Anyways, I asked her to get me this since I saw it on Cosmetic Candy, and I thought it was soooo pretty!
This is the bottle, and again it's Skin Food Fruit Drink Nail in No. 3 Grapefruit.
Nothing special about the brush, really. Easy to apply :D
Swatched on my hand. It's not as orange as in the picture, I swear! It's more peachy in real life.

Review: I really really like this polish! It looks like a creme, but it's like a liquidy jelly finish polish! So pretty and perfect for Spring! I don't know what the new colors for Spring 2012 are, but last year it was tangerine. I really hope they still are using orange as a Spring color, cause I want to wear this polish :D
When the polish dries, it's naturally shiny without a top coat. I put a top coat on anyways (Dolly Wink Top Coat. By the way did I tell you that Chanel and I HAULED Dolly Wink polishes? 98 cents a bottle at the local Marukai, how could we not?)
One gripe though, it's kind of sheer. 3 coats for maximum opacity.

So, overall I give this a 5/5. I. LOVE. THIS. POLISH. Enough said.
My new phone case came in! If you read my earlier post, I said I had originally ordered this one, but they sent me a cream colored one (Korilakkuma). It took them a bit of time, and an extra six dollars but they finally sent me the right case. The other one, I gave to Chanel. I kinda prefer this one since the buttons work nicely. However, I had to make my own makeshift phone charm hole in its ear and the front cover blocks the front camera a little bit. Anyways I'm happy with it now :D


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Closet Voyage Giveaway! (Number 2)

One of my favorite bloggers is holding a really generous giveaway! I've been following her since the beginning of her blog, and I really hope you follow her cause I really actually like her posts!
Anyways, she's giving away 3 sets of prizes, so I guess that gives everyone more of a chance?
Haha Click

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Puri No Life Giveaway!

Samatha from purikura.blogspot is holding a giveaway!
It even has lashes from the machines :D


Saturday, February 4, 2012

LUSH Review: Dragon's Egg, Superstar, and Abominaball

Back to back posts, I'm on a roll! Haha!
I'm finally getting around to do a review on Lush bath products!
This is Dragon's Egg and it totally smells like straight up LEMON. Super strong and it has little rice paper confetti pieces in it! It's white on the outside and orange and gold glittery on the inside. GORGEOUS.
I paired it with Superstar bubble bars, which is Holiday limited edition D:
It smells like strawberries but a little bit herbal and...spicy? It's not super sweet.
I just dropped in the bath bomb and little orangey streams came out! It smelled wonderful

A minute later, the water is slightly more orangey.I added in the bubble bar at this point and the water is red-coral-orange!

The bath made my skin so soft and the smell lingered for about 2 hours! I adooooore that combination, it's so fruity and nice!

I don't have a picture, but this is the Abominaball Bath bomb, which smells like vanilla and mint! The bomb itself was adorable, and was pretty with its yellowy blue ish coloring. Funny story actually, I put in the superstar bubble bar first, but for some reason, my drain cover slipped off and all of the bubble bar went down the drain...ok it was more sad than funny. So I was so upset that I just wasted half a bubble bar... Anyways, the water was super soft like all Lush baths are, but I really expected a cooling menthol effect and I didn't really get that! Slightly disappointed but the color and smell was still amazing!

So Overall:
Superstars: 4.5/5
Dragon's Egg: 5/5
Abominaball: 4/5

February Haul!

I have a quick haul today! My mom bought me a few things from XXI Forever/Forever 21 cause she was so proud that I got a 4.0 last term for school. Also, I got something from my friend :D
This is from my friend Sarah! She's so sweet, she bought 5 and gave 4 of them away! This is a Macaron lip balm from It's Skin, a Korean beauty brand. It's strawberry scented, and it smells soooooooo delicious! I felt so bad taking this from her... I did get her a nice gift for her bday though~
The pink one is mine, and my friend Ann's is green apple.

I went to LUSH to pick up some limited edition goodies from the V-Day collection. I bought Ex Factor and Magic Mushroom. Ex Factor smells like ButterBall which is a musky vanilla and Magic Mushroom is Strawberries and Cream! I realllllly like the scent of Magic Mushroom cause it reminds me of Superstar Bubble Bar, which was a limited edition product too.The LUSH ladies are so nice, they gave me a sample of Ice Blue soap and Skin Drink moisturizer. One of the ladies even recognized me!

Some stuff from Forever 21! 3 basic tops, a flowy cream color tops, and a super cute peachy cardigan. I also got a necklace and headband. Plus, because I spent more than 50 dollars, I got a free mini perfume!
Winter formal dress!

Lastly, my phone case came! H0wever, it's not the color I ordered. I contacted the seller, and they said they would send another one if I payed for shipping and I could keep that one. That seller is really good when it comes to communication and they're really nice for letting me keep this one :)

I have a Lush review coming up! I have it in my drafts right now and it might be up soon