Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Haul!

I have a quick haul today! My mom bought me a few things from XXI Forever/Forever 21 cause she was so proud that I got a 4.0 last term for school. Also, I got something from my friend :D
This is from my friend Sarah! She's so sweet, she bought 5 and gave 4 of them away! This is a Macaron lip balm from It's Skin, a Korean beauty brand. It's strawberry scented, and it smells soooooooo delicious! I felt so bad taking this from her... I did get her a nice gift for her bday though~
The pink one is mine, and my friend Ann's is green apple.

I went to LUSH to pick up some limited edition goodies from the V-Day collection. I bought Ex Factor and Magic Mushroom. Ex Factor smells like ButterBall which is a musky vanilla and Magic Mushroom is Strawberries and Cream! I realllllly like the scent of Magic Mushroom cause it reminds me of Superstar Bubble Bar, which was a limited edition product too.The LUSH ladies are so nice, they gave me a sample of Ice Blue soap and Skin Drink moisturizer. One of the ladies even recognized me!

Some stuff from Forever 21! 3 basic tops, a flowy cream color tops, and a super cute peachy cardigan. I also got a necklace and headband. Plus, because I spent more than 50 dollars, I got a free mini perfume!
Winter formal dress!

Lastly, my phone case came! H0wever, it's not the color I ordered. I contacted the seller, and they said they would send another one if I payed for shipping and I could keep that one. That seller is really good when it comes to communication and they're really nice for letting me keep this one :)

I have a Lush review coming up! I have it in my drafts right now and it might be up soon


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