Saturday, February 4, 2012

LUSH Review: Dragon's Egg, Superstar, and Abominaball

Back to back posts, I'm on a roll! Haha!
I'm finally getting around to do a review on Lush bath products!
This is Dragon's Egg and it totally smells like straight up LEMON. Super strong and it has little rice paper confetti pieces in it! It's white on the outside and orange and gold glittery on the inside. GORGEOUS.
I paired it with Superstar bubble bars, which is Holiday limited edition D:
It smells like strawberries but a little bit herbal and...spicy? It's not super sweet.
I just dropped in the bath bomb and little orangey streams came out! It smelled wonderful

A minute later, the water is slightly more orangey.I added in the bubble bar at this point and the water is red-coral-orange!

The bath made my skin so soft and the smell lingered for about 2 hours! I adooooore that combination, it's so fruity and nice!

I don't have a picture, but this is the Abominaball Bath bomb, which smells like vanilla and mint! The bomb itself was adorable, and was pretty with its yellowy blue ish coloring. Funny story actually, I put in the superstar bubble bar first, but for some reason, my drain cover slipped off and all of the bubble bar went down the drain...ok it was more sad than funny. So I was so upset that I just wasted half a bubble bar... Anyways, the water was super soft like all Lush baths are, but I really expected a cooling menthol effect and I didn't really get that! Slightly disappointed but the color and smell was still amazing!

So Overall:
Superstars: 4.5/5
Dragon's Egg: 5/5
Abominaball: 4/5

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