Sunday, March 4, 2012

Macarons, Part Deux + Dolly Wink Nail Polish!

Two blog posts in a row! Whoo!
Okay, so my followers know I make macarons a lot right? I made a couple new batches, and I just wanted to show you guys :D
Chocolate nutella, pretty successful and pretty classic flavoring
Mint shell and a whipped white chocolate ganache! It turned out like one of those fake Japanese food toys right?
Latest batch, same as above, a few cracks, but still pretty successful!

If you read my last post, there was a quick mention about Dolly Wink polishes!
Well the story was, Chanel and I went down to Marukai since it was Presidents' Week break in our district and we were really bored. We were just browsing through the lashes and makeup and other various things. As we were about to leave, I turned around and I saw a kind of hidden (it was on a low-ish shelf) display for the polishes and it said in big letters, "CLEARANCE 98 CENTS"
I was so ...shocked so I picked one up and lo and behold, they had a little sticker that said 98.
Chanel and I HAULED. Like seriously, HAULED. Chanel got one of every bottle available and I just got five since Chanel was paying and I didn't wanna overdo it. (Payed her back later.) I think the cashier was mentally laughing cause we looked crazy.
16 bottles of DW Polish, isn't it glorious?
The five I picked up, from left to right: Red, Candy Pink, Top Coat, Silver Lame, Gold Lame

I will put up a review soon!


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