Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skin Food Fruit Drink Nail Review (No.3 Grapefruit)+ Phone Case, Take 2

I'm killing time on a Saturday evening so I decided to update this blog :D

So last week was a break, and my friend got to go up to Irvine. She went to the Irvine Spectrum where they have one of the few Skinfood US branches. That's awesome because it's cheaper than airmail...wait scratch that, it might not be anymore since...gas...(ugh). Anyways, the unfortunate part is the crazy markups in comparison to the Korean shops. (6USD compared to 3000won which is a little less than 3 dollars)

Anyways, I asked her to get me this since I saw it on Cosmetic Candy, and I thought it was soooo pretty!
This is the bottle, and again it's Skin Food Fruit Drink Nail in No. 3 Grapefruit.
Nothing special about the brush, really. Easy to apply :D
Swatched on my hand. It's not as orange as in the picture, I swear! It's more peachy in real life.

Review: I really really like this polish! It looks like a creme, but it's like a liquidy jelly finish polish! So pretty and perfect for Spring! I don't know what the new colors for Spring 2012 are, but last year it was tangerine. I really hope they still are using orange as a Spring color, cause I want to wear this polish :D
When the polish dries, it's naturally shiny without a top coat. I put a top coat on anyways (Dolly Wink Top Coat. By the way did I tell you that Chanel and I HAULED Dolly Wink polishes? 98 cents a bottle at the local Marukai, how could we not?)
One gripe though, it's kind of sheer. 3 coats for maximum opacity.

So, overall I give this a 5/5. I. LOVE. THIS. POLISH. Enough said.
My new phone case came in! If you read my earlier post, I said I had originally ordered this one, but they sent me a cream colored one (Korilakkuma). It took them a bit of time, and an extra six dollars but they finally sent me the right case. The other one, I gave to Chanel. I kinda prefer this one since the buttons work nicely. However, I had to make my own makeshift phone charm hole in its ear and the front cover blocks the front camera a little bit. Anyways I'm happy with it now :D


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