Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Spam + Food Spam+ Other Random Photos

I've been away for so long but school is ending super super soon and I thought I'd do a filler-ish post before I start posting regularly again.

So here's some pictures from when I was inactive!

Cloud nails (Konad plate m79) and rainbow gradient

Floral nails and dots (Konad...I'm not sure what plate for the flower)

Princessy nails (Konad m79)

The Konad things are from a giveaway I'd won from Katrina's nail blog! I was really excited so I ordered a bunch of nail things, naturally
 Lastly, I assume everyone has seen the Avengers! Wasn't it too amazing for words? Clockwise from upper lefthand corner: My Cap. America nails, Friend's Loki nails, Friend's "A" nails, Chanel's Iron Man nails
Food spam (FOOD PORN.)
 I've gotten the science of macarons down pretty well, despite lots of mess ups in the beginning and still some now. Mocha macarons = coffee shell and chocolate-coffee ganache.
 Okonomiyaki from the Mitsuwa Fair! Really yummy
 CARNE. ASADA. FRIES. One of the many reasons I love San Diego
  And lastly, I went to Round 1.... was it a week ago? Two? I don't know I've lost track of time! I won a Hello Kitty from the UFO catchers! First try on that specific machine, so proud of myself :D ...those darn games are so hard. Chanel and I also took lots of purikura

I hope you enjoyed my quick blog, if you like the whole photo only type posts, please follow me on instagram: tiffanyknguyen


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