Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upcoming Tutorials and MORE NAIL SPAM!

It's seriously been a while, and I apologize. I've had time, I've just been soooo lazy, summer does that to a person!

This post is going to be a lot of random photos put together, so I apologize if there's no coherence or flow to it :c

Both the same hairstyle, just one is with straight hair and the other with curly
I've been wanting to make a tutorial of this hairstyle for a while, I've gotten compliments on it when I'm out! It's called a ladder braid and I think it'd be a nice casual hairstyle for school. I might need a person to braid on ...(oh Chaneeeel~)
I picked up some things from Sephora over the weekend. Tokidoki makeup is being discontinued, which I'm so conflicted over! I like that everything's on sale and that means I can try things I've wanted to but didn't want to buy before. But on the other hand, if I like it and I run out, I won't be able to get it anymore! I've picked up perfumes from the TD line and now I've finally gotten something I've been wanting for a while: the Pittura brush set! If you have a Sephora near you, I suggest you pick a set up. It's so cute but very good quality. And it's SO SO soft! I picked up a set for Chanel too!
I got an iPad! My parent's early birthday gift to me :) My birthday is 8/15 (tomorrow as I post this!)

And now let's get into the nail stuff. Which leads me to the question, should I open a separate nail blog? If I do, can you guys suggest some names, because I can't think of anything clever that hasn't been taken already!
 My mom and I DIY'd a polish rack out of foam board hot glue and duct tape! Such a process ( got burnt..twice!) but now I have a pretty shelf to store my polishes in.
I went to SF and San Jose with Chanel and her parents and my other cousin. We went into the Grand Century mall and that discovered a Face Shop had opened there (keep in mind the last time I visited that place, I was probably 11 or 12). That place is like HEAVEN. The SA was pretty nice and was generous with samples too. The colors I got were BL602, OR204 I believe, and BL605. I also picked up some masks and porestrips.
 Ikat print nails. I saw this on MissJenFabulous' youtube and blog  and I wanted to try it out. Her's turned out so much better!

 Gold border nails. I think I'm going to do a tutorial on this too but there's tons on youtube. I have a different method so I might post one!

Lastly, I have my current manicure. The glitter is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, so I found it appropriate to wear it on my birthday!
This mani is actually a jelly sandwich: 2 layers OPI Don't Touch My Tutu + 1 coat Milani Gems + 1 coat OPI DTMT

Chanel and I have been talking about starting a youtube, and we wanted to film a "What's in my school bag" video. We probably will do that soon, but Chanel's bag has yet to arrive! Kinda hard to film a school bag video without a bag, I suppose!

I hope this post wasn't too messy. Look forward to those tutorials soon and maybe a video!